Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Big Rant

Apologies now but have you seen the television advert for this? Could scream at the television (and I think I probably did as Simon muttered something along the lines of; "It can't hear you know?!") Nothing makes me crosser than how we feed our children (well, not me) synthesised crap in plastic bottles! It's the 'done thing' in the western world and it drives me insane! Why do people do it when your body can make it clean, germ free and specifically tailored to your baby for the grand total of nothing!? It only costs patience and perseverance in the first few weeks and then it's always there (in any quantity) when needed.

And while I'm ranting has the whole country gone mad!? Have you seen this? What do they think most of us have been doing for the last million (slight exaggeration on my part there) years!?! Are some people born without brains? Or are some people so rich they forget to use them?

I regularly feed all five of us (often with left overs frozen for Nathaniel's lunches) for less than a fiver. Tonight we are having Red Dragon Pie and I will share with you the secret.......................first, slay one dragon. Only joking!

Red Dragon Pie.

You will need;
1 onion chopped (20p ish, depending on size etc)
2 cans Aduki beans (42p)
tin of chopped tomatoes (19p)
4 potatoes for mashing (50p)

To serve;
Half bag of carrots chopped any way you desire (49p)
Bag of green beans (98p)
1/4 bag of frozen peas (27 1/2p)

Twist of black pepper for bean sauce, splash of oil to sweat onion and a bit of butter or milk for mash (probably about 7p if we're being precise but I'm not!)

Chop onion and sweat in oil until soft, add tomatoes and beans, leave to simmer for a while so sauce will thicken slightly, add black pepper to taste (garlic is nice too). Place beans in an oven proof dish and set aside. Peel and chop potatoes, boil until soft enough to mash. Mash. Layer on top of beans. At this point if you are feeling flush then add grated cheese to the top! Place in oven to brown, I like a crispy top. Steam veg. Put on plate. Eat and enjoy!!

As aduki beans are quite expensive I only used one and used a tin of berlotti beans instead as they were on offer at only 27p a tin. So tonight's meal comes to the grand total of.........drum roll please.............£3.32

I'll update and post some pics of it tonight.

Daisie xxx


ethel and edna's tearoom said...

Oooh yeah! Adverts in general drive me mad most of the time. Can't actually see the first link but presume it's "plastic baby milk" - what do they call it? Follow-on milk? Aaargh!

Not only has the world gone mad 'cause it can't feed a family for under a fiver without Jamie Oliver telling them how to do it, but it's also forgotten what 'boobies' were made for!!! I persevered despite being in agony for the first week/10 days after birth. I felt like giving up many a time but it wasn't an option. I WAS going to feed her myself and that was it!! She was fully weaned at 12 months-ish and 'followed on' with cow juice!!

Oooh sorry for the soap box rant. It does get you that way though, doesn't it? :O)

Anonymous said...

"Why do people do it when your body can make it clean, germ free and specifically tailored to your baby for the grand total of nothing!? It only costs patience and perseverance in the first few weeks and then it's always there (in any quantity) when needed."

Oh, please - get a grip.

As a farming friend of mine said when my wife was trying to feed - "zum are good milkers, zum aren't". Just because some people take to feeding, there are plenty of others out there that can't - when all you can get out is pure blood, then there is something in your body that is telling you that this "natural" thing that you are forcing on your child is completely wrong.

The long-term psychological damage that can be caused by putting the mother through this agony, which in turn leads to resentment of both motherhood and the child, is something that any well-informed health visitor will be able to discuss with you. Just because certain members of society tell you that this is the most natural thing to do, and how great it is, and what a wonderful feeling it is, and how healthy your children will be if you breastfeed etc. etc. if there is even the slightest chance of damaging that relationship between mother and child, then "plastic bottles" are the way forward.

And, Ethel, not being able to breastfeed does not constitute "giving up" - it takes strength and courage to make the decision and see it through, particularly when midwives, health visitors and "well-informed" family and friends keep banging on about how you should breastfeed because it is best and your children will be healthier as a result.

Daisie said...

Hello Anonymous! Would you like to tell us who you are? I never said it was easy, really hard at times, for weeks I would keep my fingers crossed that my baby wouldn't wake becasue it was so hard to nurse them. Worth my hard work in the end though!

jennyflower said...

Oh God, not sure I want to join in here but feel I need to. I am not anonymous but also 'failed' to breastfeed Will. After three days of failed induction, ketosis, shock, an emergency C, a very big hungry boy and a useless health visitor I 'failed' all round. I believe now after my second (breastfeed) baby that I had had PND and I kept going tryig to feed Will for six weeks until he became badly dehydrated and the 'choice' was no longer mine.
I do agree that breast is best; but being a first time Mum without poper support is indescribaly hard without guilt for not doing the 'right thing'. Im really glad for those ho have managed to breastfeed it is a lovely thing to do if you can. When Will had to have tonsils and adenoids out at three beause he could really only breath through his mouth, I did wonder wether that might have had something to do with our probs!

kowloonkid said...

where's my slice of the chocolate cake?

p.s breast is best.

kaekaesmummy said...

Sorry i feel i must put my 'two penneth' in here. Breast is most obviously best. Woman was blessed with a womb in which to grow her child and a pair of breasts from which to feed. Breast feeding is very difficult, painful and tiring,just like motherhood in general.It requires alot of practice and support which should be more readily available to those who need it.
I think that really this is the point that Daisie is trying to get across in her rant, More breastfeeding awareness and help on T.V please and less of the advertising plastic formula shite x

As for the anon comment of "zum are milkers and zum ain't " i would be interested to know the farmers policy on those that ain't?????

Anonymous said...

I'm going to add my two-penneth worth here as well because it's something I feel very strongly about.

I breastfed for 7 months because I had listened to "breast is best" throughout my pregnancy. What they don't tell you is how debilitating it can be. It nearly *killed* me. In fact, I'm convinced the mastitis I got led me to getting M.E (post viral syndrome) that I have now had for 3 years. I was completely EXHAUSTED *EVERY* DAY for those 7 months. My breasts never stopped leaking milk. I could have fed the whole street. If I were to do it again, I would defintely, DEFINITELY introduce "plastic" milk at a much younger age, because that would have been best for me AND my baby. I had to deal with the guilt of being too knackered to do anything, especially as my baby fed every 2 hours, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for 7 months. And feeding my baby myself didn't stop him getting ear infections in both ears when he was 5 weeks old causing him to take anti-biotics, and he is also very slightly lactose-intolerant.
If you're one of those women who can conceive at the drop of a hat, have an easy pregnancy, pop your baby out in 2 hours and breastfeed for 12 months whilst going about your daily life then I applaud you, but I was none of those things.
(PS - I am a different anonymous)

Daisie said...

Hello 'anonymous' #2. I am sorry you had such a hard time and are still suffering. Well done for going as long as you did, it was brave!
It took us an age to get pregnant and I only have three live children from my nine pregnancies, it hasn't been easy for me either.

Anonymous said...

I had a very traumatic birth (emergency section due to pre-eclampsia with other complications) and was in intensive care for 3 days but my determination to feed my child myself was strong. With help from my midwife I fed him whilst still attached to various different bits of medical equipment and unable to move. Not always without difficulty - I can remember the sheer exhausting feeling and also sitting there with tears rolling down my face when I had thrush in my nipples but I did it because I wanted to do it. I fed him for 25 months in total. I'm sorry but I think this "I couldn't feed my baby myself" attitude is CRAP!! If you wanted to you would. However I am also adult enough to realise that people are allowed to choose. I choose not to feed my family processed rubbish with virtually no nutritional value and cook from scratch. I grow my own veg and have chickens for eggs too. My son has a high IQ and no behavioural issues or disorders. The incidences of both of the above in my opinion is strongly linked to our fast food/throw it in the microwave society - Hmmmmm Food for thought maybe. :-) By the way I am not anonymous I am Caroline x

Charlotte said...

I was breastfed and look at me now! I'm healthy, strong and clever (even if I do say so myself!)
Breastfeeding, far from causing resentment in both mother and child, creates a special sort of bond between them, a kind of bond that cannot be know from anything else.
I know that when I have children I will definately breast feed...
all this crap from plastic milk ads saying it has all the nurtients your baby needs, well SO DOES BREAST MILK! It constantly changes to adapt to your childs needs...and its free and always available, what more could you possibly ask for?

Anonymous said...

"Breastfeeding, far from causing resentment in both mother and child, creates a special sort of bond between them, a kind of bond that cannot be know from anything else"

Doesn't cause resentment?!

Oh yeah, I loved being a dripping tap 24 hours a day!!!!

I hated the fact that my husband couldn't take over some of the feeding and give me a break from time to time.

AND I feed my child "processed crap" ... I feel guilty about doing this, but what am I supposed to do when he won't eat anything that is green? I have a life too! He eats fish-fingers, chicken nuggets, waffles, spaghetti bolognese (yes, out of a jar) and shepherd's pie (at a push as long as there's no carrots or peas in it) Believe me - I have tried to get him to eat better. Now after you've all picked yourselves up off the floor at what a disgusting mother I must be, he is * TOP OF HIS CLASS AND HAS A READING AGE OF AN 8 YEAR OLD* (he is five)

JuliaB said...

I don't watch TV as a rule so haven't seen the advert but if you're talking about formula baby milk, it is an absolute scandal and it's the reason I never buy any products made by Nestle or companies involved with nestle (that includes alot of tesco own brand stuff - not that I would go to tesco anyway!)..Nestles biggest corporate crime (of which there are many) is to market formula milk in developing countries where it is completely unaffordable for most women. They use drug baron tactics handing out freebies until the mothers milk has dried up when it's too late and they then cant afford to buy the formula their baby needs. And then the babies frequently die of malnutrition .. This is the worst scenario and we in the western world are better off but it doesn't alter the fact, world over that the formula milk companies are aggressively marketing a product which can remove the choice - needlessly in many cases - for their own gain. x

Anonymous said...

I'm with anonymous.

All of them.

Anonymous said...

I also agree with anonymous.

All of them, apart from anonymous Caroline, that is.


kaekaesmummy said...

Wow! what a debate going on here.
I think Daisies point has been totally missed altogether.
The rant was about the advertising of formula milk on tv which in HER opinion is "Plastic shite" She never said people who used formula milk were bad parents.
I myself still breastfeed 10 months on through several bouts of mastitis and many,many sleepless nights. I found that the expressing of milk brought on the mastitis and therefore bought small cartons of said 'plastic shite' for times when i was not at home or when it was my much needed sat or sunday lie in. (Hubbie and i take turns)
My baby is not old enough yet for cows milk and therefore also has 'plastic shite' on his cereal every morning as i refuse to stand over his bowl and squirt on his weetabix. He is also offered 'plastic shite'from a cup in the afternoon when with his childminder (Boo hoo! had to go back to work).
I decided to breastfeed both my children as i personally feel it is best for me and them.(Son is currently sporting a t-shirt reading 'mums to lazy to bottlefeed' which i must admit is very true.)
This debate, i feel, is highlighting the need for more support to those who choose to breastfeed ( my heart goes out to the lady who had lots of problems) i too have not found it easy and without the support of my friends(daisie, you know i luv ya) family and the doctor i would have probably given up.
The idea should be to raise awareness amongst the younger generation that they do have other options, not just cow and gate or aptamil(which is all you ever see on tv ,no breast adverts, are there?.) NHS professionals should also be aware that they do no favours by Strictly stating one or the other. Breast or bottle is 'crap' to do both is fine, it's whatever works for you.
Finally, (thank the lord for that i hear you say) I think to compare child birth experiences, lengths of labour and levels of fertility is taking the whole thing a bit far. Whether its 20 mins or 20 days lets just agree that its bloody well, down right, ridiculously painful before, during and after and leave it at that.I will leave you with a quote:-
"Theres no such thing as an easy pregnancy,labour or birth." (Claire S, 2008)

Jackie said...

I am always astounded when people(Jamie Oliver) put sausage in a casserole without cooking them first. Have you ever seent eh amount of fat that comes out of them? Even the traditionally made ones. That can't be healthy.And i totally agree about the synthetic milk.

Jackie said...

If I had read all the comments first I would have seen that the Jamie Oliver bit has paled into insignificance so it looks a bit odd when I mention sausages!
Having read and thought about 'plastic' milk v real I think I am with you entirely on the advertising of artificial milk but I do agree with others that there is a place for it in some cases.