Monday, 29 September 2008

Some Advice Please

After losing my umph for knitting (I have several unfinished pieces in my knitting bag) a few weeks ago I found it again last night.

I found some super fluffy yarn and made these;

A big knitted bead strung on waxed cotton cord and a twelve bead bracelet (yes there is room for your arm through the middle). The picture really doesn't so them justice, they are so lovely and fluffy and a beautiful green/blue/petrol type colour.

This pic shows them pinned to a cork notice board. I can get two sets to a board without them looking crowded and I plan to have two or three boards on my stall at the craft fair. Need to knit some more beads!!

I want to know;

1; What can this set be called?
I have bubblegum and dolly mixture ones listed in my shops.

2; How much should I be selling them for?
I am currently selling the two pieces separately but have only sold a bracelet for £4. I want to sell them as sets at the fair.

3: Are there any colour combinations you think I really should do?
I have some more 'Dolly Mixture' beads ready knitted waiting to be strung and I thought of adding some black ones to this and calling it 'Liquorice Allsorts' and I have some beautiful white mohair that will be strung on white organza ribbon and called 'Snow Drops', there may also be a 'Lemon Sherbet' set too.

Need to go do some more knitting before the urge leaves me again.

Daisie xxx

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jennyflower said...

Sea Urchin? Looking good baby! I reckon if you can bear it to wait to price on anything you're not sure off 'till you get there. You canwrite a nice tag but just fill in the numbers at the time. I think if your taget audience is kids then PINK, if it's growed ups then Autumn colours. I do think you'll get a premium price if you 'package them' with a co-ordinating bag or some such.