Thursday, 31 July 2008

Lazy Day

Just a quick one tonight. Been a slower pace today, our muscles are very sore indeed! Garden looking good though!
It would appear that Jenny has gone mad and thinks I am married to Bob The Builder and she is a cat!!* Nuff said me thinks!
And Ruth has more in common with an old nun than I first thought! Both her and Sr. Josephine's suggestion about the soapy water seems to be working, definitely less flies this morning, hurrah!

Daisie xxx

* See comments on yesterday's post.


Kelcey said...

maybe if you added a little oil to your soapy water for the flies as well? I googled it and that was what some said!

jennyflower said...

Don't go all Lofty on me and Roley all over my feelings. When you Muck about like this it just makes me Dizzy, infact I've just thrown up the Spud and Scramblered egg I had for tea and now I look all Scrufty! xx

Daisie said...

Jenny, me thinks you watch too much telly?!

Jackie said...

Thank you for your comment..It wasn't meant to be sad..just a bit..well's lessons learned.. I think I'll have to do a PS.
Your garden will be a better place for the flags!Lovely playing out area.