Monday, 28 July 2008

Feeling Hot, Hot Hot!

The heat today is amazing and very close indeed. It's one of those that when you stand under a tepid shower you feel fresh and clean but by the time you have rubbed yourself dry you are a horrid sweaty lump again! Goodness knows how hot and horrid Simon is feeling, he is still sealed into our bedroom (I did let him out last night) pulling the last of the ceiling down. We popped out this morning and bought some very green insulation for the room, it is made from recycled plastic bottles so is great for the environment and great for Simon too as it won't make him itch like fibreglass insulation does. Everyone's a winner! We (Simon ) also ordered some new stone flags to re-do our 'garden' to come with the rest of the building supplies for the room (only one delivery charge; cunning or what?). His reasoning being that if we're having a skip here we may as well fill it (with the walls and aeiling from the bedroom, the old flags, the shed wall and roof etc etc)! Watch this space for exciting developments.........

Blimey, amidst all the building madness and heat I actually made something!!

These are three handbag party invitation cards for Elizabeth's up and coming 7th birthday party;

Each card has the initial of the recipient and the tags are colour coordinated. The hole for the handle could have been better but I tend to get an idea and run with it and get excited when it looks good and forget to be slow and patient with my craft knife, whoops!

Off for a good sleep now as will be baby juggling and skip filling tomorrow!

Daisie xxx


Pixiedust said...

Blimey its Hot. Poor Simon, It gets so hot upstairs in our house I bet he's melting. The invitations look great. I haven't done too much today, its too hot and I'm sunburnt, naughty Pixie :o).

Tip Top said...

Lovely invitations!