Sunday, 27 July 2008

Sunny Day

While poor Simon has been sealed into the bedroom pulling down walls and ceilings the sun has been beating down so we all went for a walk and left him to it!

We had a swing;

A small impromptu picnic that resulted in me having a wet bottom and in white linen trousers it's not such a good look! Note to self; put a big blanket under pram when next tis sunny!

Francesca wore her new 'crocs' (they are not genuine but they do have flashing flowers on the side and were a bargain at a certain supermarket that is 'Scandinavian for value'), her feet were sweaty and half way through our journey her feet had blisters. Being a terrible mother as I am, I had no plasters on me. Here are some I fashioned out of an old tissue (snotty bits removed) and a sticker that one of them got from the dentist that was screwed up in my purse;

And it was so hot and I was so tired that Elizabeth helped (only for three feet or so) to push the pram home;

Hope you've all had a lovely sunny day too?

Daisie xxx

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jennyflower said...

We are all useless in the heat. I just hate it, but as a plus I went to make a very quick visit to my friend who had had her baby yesterday. (it wasn't even visiting time but they very kindly let me in) Because of the heat baby Luca was dressed only in a nappy so I got to stroke his lovely soft back and new feet...delicious. All I could do not to nibble him!