Sunday, 20 July 2008

A Tidy Stash

Here is my baby in her party clothe's on Saturday;

The chef set went down very well with Cara and a wonderful time was had by all!

As I have mentioned we are embarking on a major renovation and (I don't know about you but..) our house becomes a giant Rubik's cube where you have to move three things to make enough room to move another and the mess is always a hundred times worse before it gets better.

A perfect example of that took place today.

Here is how my paper craft corner looked this morning;

A terrible shambles but it looked worse when I moved it all onto the dining room table;

After hours of huffing and puffing (both me and Simon) carrying things up into the attic, packing things into boxes and generally making more mess, the girls wardrobe and small cupboard made their way down stairs. I filled them with all my goodies and it looked much tidier;

And it looked even better when we closed the doors;

Now all I need to do is find my piano under the mounds of stuff that has been put there on it's way to somewhere else!

Daisie xxx


Kelcey said...

ahhh, I feel for you...
Renovating and the shuffle of STUFF that goes with it- It is SO much work. It sounds like it will be paid off in the end with a tidy closet though. That should be nice!
(Even in a jumble, it is fun to see all of your crafting supplies.)

jennyflower said...

Wow wee! Well worth it but I know what you mean about the 'stuff shuffle' I seem to spend my whole life carrying things from one room to another trying to re-distribute the mess!

Purple and Paisley said...

your daughter is an absolute cutie! =) i love her mischevious grin...

Ruth said...

it really was worth it, everything looks great so organised

Sharon said...

Ah what a pretty girl!! Glad I'm not the only one with storage issues!!