Thursday, 3 July 2008

New Project......

Firstly a quick update on Swirly; nothing to report unfortunately. She has had an x-ray and an ultra sound scan and they haven't yet decided what is wrong or what they are going to do about it. They are going to keep her until tomorrow and observe her (that sounds scary). At least she can eat now!! Mr. Swirl has been and delivered some crafting for her to do so she doesn't get too bored!

Now here is a pic of the start of my next project for a birthday present.

Francesca has been invited to Cara's party on the 19th and I hope that the lack of crafting time this week doesn't continue or it'll never get done! There is something really yummy about pink gingham for a summer birthday. Am really excited about this project. I have seen similar things done by other people and want to put the Daisie Davies stamp on it.

Here are some felt teds with tiny buttons and bows on their chests. I admired them when visiting KaeKae's Mum yesterday. They were attached to a paper gift bag. She dropped by with them today for me, how nice is that! I have earmarked one for a new baby card that needs making soon and have thought of how to incorporate one into the birthday project. One ted in need of a use, any suggestions?!

And finally before I go and get the sewing machine out is a pic of Elizabeth's new hair;

Daisie xxx

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Tip Top said...

Lovely hair - suits her and I hope it is a dolly in the background and not Nat?!!

Keep the other gingerbread man - you will find a use for it one day!!!