Tuesday, 22 July 2008

My Poor Fingers!

No, not a knitting related injury this time! I have sore fingers from moving far too much furniture!! Simon very kindly crushed my fingers with a very big wardrobe. He assures it was an accident and I have forgiven him (almost)!

There will be pics tomorrow of our very empty bedroom (too tired now) before we take the walls down, ooh excitement! And a bit of scaredness too!!

A nice picture of Francesca and her very best boyfriend, Harry, she says she'll marry him when she's grown up, ah!

The veil was made for her by Simon's Mum, nothing to do with me, personally I hope she runs away and does it in secret (on the cheap) like me and her father did!! No, I don't mean that really, can't wait to be 'mother of the bride'. Although I will wait for the right man and scare off anyone I feel unsuitable.

Daisie xxx

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