Tuesday, 15 July 2008

We're Home!

Nathaniel was admitted to hospital on Thursday morning, hence the lengthy absence!

We were sent home today (not because he is fully recovered but because they were busy and needed the bed). He is better than he was but is still a poorly boy with another seven days of toxic antibiotics to take.

It was hot and smelly and noisy, some laughs were had though;

We found a great way to always have the vomit bowl with us (didn't manage to ever catch it though);

I took along my knitting bag and my book but only managed the tiniest pair of bootees and two pages. I averaged about two hours sleep a night; if it wasn't Nathaniel it was someone else's baby!

Am off to climb into my nice clean bed in my nice clean pyjamas and sleep until morning!

Night, night Daisie xxx


Kelcey said...

I hope you all get some good sleep and are all well soon!

Swirlyarts said...

Poorly boy - you'll be glad to be home to your nice clean bed though now xx

Tip Top said...

Eeekkkk!! I did wonder where you were! Hope he gets better soon - love the photos!! I know what you mean about sleep in hospital - I was in for 6 days with Samuel (long story) and I think I only managed to sleep the very last night I was in.....so you can imagine!!

twiggypeasticks said...

Poor baby and poor you. He's such a cutie, hope he's soon better and you're soon rested :)
Twiggy x

Sharon said...

Poor boy! I hope he's well soon! x

jennyflower said...

That just dosen't look fun at all! So sorry, looks like he definetly kept his chin (and you) up! Get proper well soon N, XXXXXX

Purple and Paisley said...

oh, poor baby...i hope all is well soon...it's such a horrible feeling not being able to make things all better for our kids! nathaniel's a cutie! =)

Jackie said...

Oh what a horrible experience. My son broke both his arms when he was 12 and was admited for the night. I slept in a camp bed next to his bed and we were in a ward with a young girl joyrider injured in a crash! I was so happy to get home.
Glad N is on the mend.