Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Our Personal Hairdresser!

This is my sister Naomi;

She is an amazing hair stylist and she does our hair for free!! But because it's free it doesn't tend to be as often as we'd like and because it's free we can't complain, ha ha!

She whisked Francesca off to the bathroom for a quick wash and condition;

Francesca has a terrible bit of hair at the front of her head that always falls in her eyes (even when I wet it and slick it down and tie it up) so after much persuasion we opted to cut in a fringe, I have an inbuilt fear of fringes (but that's another story) but Naomi worked her magic and the results are brilliant, Francesca keeps looking in the mirror and giggling! Lets hope it does the trick and her hair will be as neat and tidy when I collect her from Nursery as it will be when I drop her off!!

Elizabeth had to wait until after we'd eaten to have hers done, Naomi needs to keep up her strength!! We have a picture of the post wash and condition;

But not one of the finished look. Elizabeth's hair is at least six inches shorter than it was this morning and it looks wonderful! Will try and post a pic of her tomorrow with her beautiful new locks.

My head is much better today and am feeling a little more human, thank for all your lovely comments!

Daisie xxx


Scary Mommy said...

So adorable!!! Lucky you!

Kelcey said...

SO Cute!
(and your sister is so cute too!)

jennyflower said...

What a lot of lovely girls.

Tip Top said...

We had all ours done too!! But not by your sister hehehe!!