Monday, 14 April 2008

What A Weekend!

Well after our super productive day on Friday the weekend took a bit of a nose dive. On Saturday morning Francesca woke with a huge blister in the palm of her right hand, her fingers swollen and purple and cold. Off we went to hospital, all four of us as Simon was away! Many hours later we are none the wiser as to what it is or where it came from. There is nothing she could have burnt it on in the house and it doesn't seem to be a bite or sting. They did frighten me when they asked if she had any more on her body, after frantically stripping her off we didn't find any, phew!! After lots of umm-ing and ah-ing they drained the blister and dressed her hand. Her fingers are back to normal but her hand is sore. So sore that 'Bo' has been allowed out of bed. 'Bo' is the ted you can see in her hand, 'Bo' has a pink dress and knitted handbag, she even has a wedding veil!! 'Bo' used to go everywhere with us until Francesca turned 4 and then she was banished to the bedroom. You are too big at four to take your ted everywhere you go!!

Here she is, the invalid;

Nothing got made on Saturday and Sunday wasn't much better! I did manage to make some layered paper flowers;

Today was a little better, the sun was shining so the children and I washed the car, it's quite shiny now! Elizabeth has had an eye test, you'll be pleased to hear she has two!! And we made a mini fish tank from some blue bubble wrap and an old shoe box;

Tomorrow we are off to meet some friends at a play centre, will we have blue or red tongues this week?!
Daisie xxx


jennyflower said...

As long as it's not more blue hands! Scarey! Love the layered flowers, do you have a die cutting machine? (turning green at the thought!) Are they big enough to fit a swirl in? Would look so stylish in black and white! Waffle waffle...sorry! Enjoy riding out in your shiney crriage.

Sharon said...

Oh bet that hand was really sore! And yes you'd be more than welcome, definately enough Daniel Craig to go around!!