Monday, 28 April 2008

Happy Birthday Heather!

We need to say a very big happy birthday to my friend Heather who is thirty years old today (she won't mind me telling you)! Heather is my oldest friend, we were at school together from the age of 11, we have very different lives but stay in touch even after all this time. I am so glad that my name then came after hers alphabetically otherwise we'd never have sat next to each other in French when we were sweet Year 7 pupils. We had a lovely teacher Mme. Reese (can't remember how she spelled it, bet Heather knows) who had the biggest 'bingo wings' in the world which filled us with mirth every time she wrote something on the blackboard! She always used to wear the most amazing crocheted vest tops which we made fun of at the time but personally I would go for a crocheted vest top now (how we change)! I posted her present by special delivery on Saturday so it was guaranteed to arrive today (cost a bloody fortune) and I will have very harsh words for Royal Mail if it hasn't arrived!! This is what was in the parcel;

Her maiden name was Salthouse and nearly six years ago when taking Elizabeth on her first seaside holiday in Norfolk I drove through a small village called Salthouse. I took a photo of the sign as you entered the village, it had the speed limit above it and when the photos came back from the developers (blimey, it was a long time ago) I thought it would be good to save for her 30th birthday. I have mounted the photo onto a copy of a map of the area and have put the whole lot onto a wooden frame so she can hang it (probably in the downstairs loo but I don't mind) and think of me whenever she sees it!! The bag was also in the parcel with the kilt pin brooch and a scarf to match;

This photo doesn't really do this yarn justice, it's two or three shades of brown with a bronze thread running through it, I have finished it off with long chocolate brown tassels.

Goodies from yesterday were fab, have been having a play with them today. I bought some amazing pens for drawing on acetate, expect some more sparkly window cards coming this way. Have made a lovely flying dragon one for Rohana but realised as I dropped it into the post box that I hadn't taken any pics, der! I got some amazing brads and lots of fancy embossed cards. Two lovely tubs of mixed glass beads, am going to make some more beaded bracelets, Mum came and got hers today and was really impressed. Have told her that if anyone asks where it comes from to point them in my direction! Will stick some on etsy soon, still waiting for my first sale. Lots of people have visited me and after only ten days sixty one people heart me (sorry for confusing non-etsy people, go have a look at me and all will be revealed)! Am getting quite obsessed, I check at least three or four times a day how many people love me, Elizabeth asks me how many people love me when I collect her from school, we really should get out more!

And finally a big thank you to my lovely husband who is washing the dishes while I lay in bed with my poorly teething son and the computer on my lap, I love you Simon!!

Daisie xxx

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