Saturday, 5 April 2008

A New Hybrid

My mate Lynsey made me (no, I think I remember offering) punch lots of little swirls from her business cards. The reason for this will become clear if you take a look at her blog. She's giving some away but I grabbed the ones I'd punched!

And this is what I made, a true craft hybrid, it's a Swirly Daisie!!!!

We spent today at the in-laws as Simon was fixing Grumpy's computer (not being a bad daughter-in-law, that's what we really call him) we did the rounds of the charity shops there but I came home with exactly nothing! Not happy! Am trying to talk Simon into a car boot tomorrow, provided it's not too cold or wet!

The children were given biscuits by Granny, that is what they're for after all, and here is Nathaniel with his little pinky up!! He must have known we were visiting the posh side of the family!!

And here's a pic to illustrate the point that you're never to young to start to nurture your creative flair;

Daisie xxx

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jennyflower said...

Love the card. I also love that there is a Grumpy in your family too My Dad is Grumpy to my children and we do get some funny looks! Mind you my Dad was a tax man for forty years and we used to call him Mr B*st*rd, so we've never given him much respect!