Thursday, 10 April 2008

The Craft Has Begun!!

The mad creative juices are well and truly flowing in the Davies' household!

Here is Elizabeth with a little gift type bag I made with a paper flower, needs a bit of refining but when an idea takes me I just have to go with it and see what happens;

I also said that the girls were doing things with CDs, well we have many creations but this is Elizabeth's (as it was the only one that would photograph) very OCD me thinks, wonder where she gets that from?! Pretty though and adds to all the things in my window that save me from cleaning them too often!!

Off now to cut and pin an idea I had for a handbag for a friend's up and coming birthday, aiming to sew it together tomorrow but I don't sleep very well when Simon's not here (will no doubt check the back door several times before settling) so it may be ready by morning, it's either that or the ironing!!

Night, Daisie xxx

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