Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Decorative Poo.

Could have kissed the post man yesterday as he delivered my Knit-Wit, yes I know it's cheating but it is such a wonderful thing. I love working with yarn and am quite a good knitter (to say I've only been doing it since Christmas) but my crochet work is not what it should be. I saw a Knit-Wit online while looking for something else but it was far too expensive . And what do we do when something is too many pennies? We put it into eBay and see what turns up. I won it for just £1 and 4 pence :-) It is two amazing plastic devises with sharp pop out prongs (sounds scary I know, not for the children to play with me thinks) that you can twist yarn round and sew together and you can make lots and lots of these, in circles;

and squares;

I made lots last night and have sewn them all together to make a blanket for Bo. Francesca very pleased indeed. Have made some round ones with no border on (just flowers) and Elizabeth wants me to turn them into hair clips for her.

The possibilities are endless, sew them into a blanket, use fine cotton yarn and make doilies, scarves, belts, bags, cardigans......

Whilst getting some jobs done this morning after the school drop, Nathaniel was sitting quite happily playing on the carpet while I bussled about him with a vacuum cleaner but then began to cry. On closer inspection I found he had a pencil of Francesca's (bad sister for leaving it on the floor) that has strings of seed beads on the end to waggle while you write. Three of the strings now have no beads! Social services are bound to take him away now, I put him in the washing up, leave his hands behind at playgroup and now have let him eat beads, I am a bad bad mother indeed! Getting back to the title of my post though, we are such a crafty family that we even have decorative poo (or at least Nathaniel will have in a day or two)!

Daisie xxx

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