Wednesday, 2 April 2008

From Yucky to Yummy

'There's a funny smell in the kitchen,' said Simon this morning, so when Nathaniel was having a snooze this morning I got down on all fours and decided to investigate the source of said smell.

We only have a very tiny kitchen and we have legs on the bottom of our cupboards (not a foot board like most other people). This makes the kitchen look bigger, don't ask me how but it does, and it's a great place to stash the stuff that we buy in bulk; cat food, washing-up liquid, orange juice cartons etc. The smell was definitely worse at floor level but I only have ordinary length arms so I went in search of a broom. Found one, back on the floor, glad no one came to call as it probably wasn't the best view in the world, me with bum in air grunting and flailing around with a broom. I managed to sweep out this;

A hair bobble, a triangular brick from a teaching clock (been looking for that for ages), Barbie's bicycle helmet, lots of bits of paper, a knackered orange felt pen with no lid, twenty pence (woo-hoo, we're rich) and I found what I believe was making the smell, if you look in the centre of the pic you'll see it too, a red pepper, or at least I think it used to be a red pepper! Ugh! There were also many grapes in various stages on their journey to becoming raisins, they can't have helped the aroma much!

Nathaniel awoke so off I trotted to fetch him downstairs, he sat beside the washing machine laughing at me while I swept my broom around one last time before filling the mop bucket. I found this;

A half squashed tin can, probably jumped from under my foot when being squished to go in the recycling box (they do that) must have said to myself that I'd pull it out later and didn't, a Barbie handbag, an empty water bottle (?), a toy motor bike thingie, and best of all a box of beer that still had two bottles left inside! It was worth it after all!! Don't know how long they've been there but they're going down quite well.

After collecting Francesca from nursery school and mopping my new empty under cupboard space, it's gleaming now, I decided to have a play with some of my nice papers. Francesca loves to help but some of her paper combinations were just scary, we compromised on some but the combinations were mainly mine (she just thought they were hers) and this is what we ended up with;

Quite pleased with these, am off now to drink beer and pack these lovely cards ready for sale and then off to bed to do some knitting, it has been somewhat neglected of late, Lynsey's book has inspired me again but I think she'll have a long wait for a gnome!!!
Daisie xxx


jennyflower said...

Thank you, thank you. I have so far in my time as a home-keeper found; a liquified brocolli down the back of the washing machine a dishcloth actually growing tiny plants (not planted cress just plants!) and best of all......the dried out corpse of a mouse behind the washing airer! Every day is a new adventure. When Mum came this weekend I thought I had made a reasonable job at tidying until she straightened the sofa cushions and pulled out a filthy pair of Annas trousers with a massive lump of marzipan and Simnel cake stuck to them! (If she hadn't been there I may have eaten it!)

Daisie said...

Good to know it's not just me!!!

Swirlyarts said...

Nah it's not just you!! I can wait a long time for that gnome you know!