Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Daisy And Her Needles

What a good day I had yesterday, Nathnaiel and I set off to playgroup via the post office (which wasn't great but that's a story for another day) and had a lovely time, he clapped his hands at singing time, such a proud Mummy I was!!! While we were there I got a text from Lynsey to say that she'd bought me a present, oooh the excitement could be felt in the air!

So after we collected Elizabeth from school we went on over to get my prezzie, no we were going anyway (honest!!!) as I'd boguht a present for her too (spooky). Am sure if you visit her blog she may have mentioned it. My present was a book called 'Daisy And Her Needles' by Keith Balding. The pictures are fab and what have I just learned to do...knit!!!!

It goes like this....

'When Daisy got out her needles the world began to change,
She knitted a fire,
She knitted her tea,
She knitted her husband

And she knitted me.

When Daisy got out her needles the world became woolly.
She knitted some books,
she knitted a view,
she knitted a crossing,
She knitted a Ewe.

As Daisy worked hard at her needles the world began to soften.
She knitted a garden,
She knitted a gnome,
She knitted a prize,
She knitted a home.

She knitted a scene from an avant-garde ballet,

She knitted a clock in the shape of a chalet,
She knitted a plate with a birthday cake on it,
She knitted a cat with a bonnet upon it,
She knitted a tree with apples all rosy,
And just for a change another tea cosy,

Daisy has knitted and this book is full, so she's busily knitting some new balls of wool.'

Wish I could show you all the pictures but I'd be here all week, may put some in later posts because they are just sooooo cool!! Thanks Lyns!!

Daisie xxx


Swirlyarts said...

You are welcome chick!!

Swirlyarts said...

P.S - I'm still expecting you to knit me a gnome you know!

Griffin said...

Haha! Fabulous! I love the pictures too. Reminds me of Nutty Noah and Knitting Norah from when I was a kid!

You can knit gnomes?!! Coo! I'm impressed.

Bee's Blog said...

lovely book!
I went to school with Keith Balding - many moons ago!

Anghazardlights said...

Love this book! Had forgotten about it until I recently took up knitting.