Monday, 19 May 2008

Geography Is Not Our Strong Point!!

No amazing makes today, although I've done a quick card shuffle in the nursery 'shop' and emptied the money box. Only two sales this time, obviously not card selling season! :-( I have started knitting Bo's bootees, made an yummy and wholesome minestrone for tea, posted some things on craftjuice and had the most amazing conversation with my middle child on the way to school;

"There's no gravity in Spain is there?" Asked Francesca
"Yes there is, there is gravity all over the planet and that's why we don't fall off."
"No, Mummy, there is no gravity in SPAIN, listen!"
"There is," I repeated.
"No, Mummy listen, there is no gravity in Spain and that's why the rockets can fly and why spacemen can float around and have to wee in bags."
"That's in SPACE, not SPAIN," I tried not to laugh too much as she is a sensitive child.
"What's space then?"
"It's everything outside of our sky," I tried to explain.
"Do you mean the sky that the trees are holding up?"
"Yes, I suppose so,"
"What is Spain then?" Her brain obviously hurting by this time.
"Spain is a place near France."
"Oh, you know lots of things Mummy. Do they really have gravity in Spain cos I don't think they do?"
"Yes they do."
We'd reached school by this point so the conversation ended and I was quite glad truth be told!!

Daisie xxx


Lottie said...

love it =)

jennyflower said...

I do think we should go to Spain, just to double check! (I'm not weeing in a bag though, not even for science.)

Tip Top said...

Oh yes!! I have these conversations with almost 5 year old Samuel..... fab eh?!!