Saturday, 17 May 2008

Party, Lighting and Knitting.

Elizabeth was invited to a party this morning so I left the two small babies with Simon and set off with Elizabeth and a bag of things to craft while drinking coffee and chatting with the other Mummies. There were only two other Mums and the conversation wasn't up to much but look what I made;

It's completely made from recycle materials, how cool is that!! The folder is one that was full of advertising bumph for a car and the felt and embroidery thread were from SAMS ( waste from industry that would have ended up in landfill if it weren't for members like me and my friends that make good use of them). I made one last week for Kae-lei's birthday with her name on, I filled it with pages of handmade papers so she could use it as a notebook/scrapbook/photo album, whatever she wants really. I forgot to photograph it though (sorry Christine)! I thought I had packed everything I would need but I didn't put my tailor's chalk in, der! So the flowers are sewn 'freehand', I usually draw on the picture I want and sew over the image. Quite pleased with how they turned out, my petals look quite even?!

I have been complaining about the lack of good light in our bedroom for a while now, being tired I like to get to bed as soon as is humanly possible but also like to sew or knit while I'm there. Whilst I cooked our evening meal Simon was in the attic, avoiding being useful (or so I thought) but when I came upstairs to put the children to bed I was greeted by this;

How fab!!! So I have snuggled up to watch the Ideal World 'Create and Craft' weekend and finished Bo's summer hat and scarf (best not to ask!!)

I have also been looking here at amazing things, my 'basket' is groaning so I need to go now and trim it down by deciding what I really need!

Daisie xxx


Swirlyarts said...

Bo's hat is looking good!

Tip Top said...

Love the flowers - very cute!!