Sunday, 4 May 2008

School Shoes, Argh!

Blimey what a weekend it has been so far!

Elizabeth came home from school on Friday with very knackered shoes (typical as it's nearly the end of the year) so we promptly put them in the bin and said we'd get a new pair. Well off Elizabeth and I went on Saturday morning to our favourite discount shoe store (Clarks and Start Rite seconds so much much cheaper) only to have no new shoes after an hour of trying many on. She did get some new slippers though and we joked that she may have to wear them to school on Tuesday!! After spending Saturday afternoon searching local towns for shoes with three tired children in tow, (Simon was in bed with a very fat face as he had visited the dentist on Friday as he had a 'bit of a tooth ache' and they had yanked out one of his wisdom teeth. The mad man that he is went back to work and although the tooth ache has gone he now has face/headache instead. Poor baby!!) and trying to distract their attention from an old man masturbating on a bench, not pleasant but I think it was only me that saw, ugh! We still had no school shoes, Francesca did have some nice pink sandals but that wasn't quite the plan!!

So this morning we set off to Deepdale in Preston to the big huge Brantano but still no shoes! So in desperation we went to Clarks and paid full price for shoes (haven't done that since their first shoes)! While we were there it seemed bad manners not to visit Borders and Hobbycraft, so we now have lots of new books, mostly for the children and Simon, and I have some beautiful yarn and some amazing brads that were really cheap and kind of leaped into my arms and begged to be bought and some rubber stamps that were too cheap not to buy!!

The plan tomorrow is to visit Lancaster Castle as we didn't manage it last time as Elizabeth was ill. Lets see if we make it this time.....

Daisie xxx


Sarahs Home said...

It is a terrible thing when craft supplies literaly jump from the shelves into your arms demanding to be bought. Has happened to me many a time so I can sympathise...LOL..
Take Care,
Sarah x

jennyflower said...

Wow that sounds like a very exciting weekend with just the right shoe shopping-pervert ratio! Never yet made it to a Hobbycraft but with Leming brads I'm almost relieved!

Tip Top said...

Try Clarks outlet at Blackpool - we get the boys shoes from there!! And they ALWAYS seem to have loads of girly stuff!!

Anonymous said...

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