Thursday, 22 May 2008

One Size Fits All

Morning, sorry I didn't get back yesterday (well I did but the internet was down, bah!)

In my huge box of goodies was a tear drop shaped paper punch, it's an X-Cut for those of you that know about these things and I didn't want to let it go but couldn't think of what to use it for. So I cut lots from some swirly handmade paper and then cut some from some lovely metalic green and made this;

I didn't crop this picture like I usually do because you can see my rather groovy purple knitting needle bracelet that Swirly made for me! I love it and it gets lots of comments. And you can't see my lovely button ring that Jenny made for me on the other hand - I am truly a crafty person on so many levels!!

And here is a lovely thing that Kae-Lei brought me back from her weekend away where she celebrated her 8th birthday. A thank you for the present I made her. Think it says it all really, don't you?

Daisie xxx

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Pixiedust said...

Thanks for the lovely comment. Its always nice to hear from fellow bloggers. xxxx