Friday, 30 May 2008

Little Hats And Poppets

Another nice holiday day today, Simon at home from work too so we set off this morning to have a play at Little Treasures, we met some friends there, had a bounce and some lunch. Nathaniel loves the bouncy castle now that he can move around, only sorry I forgot to take the camera!

I quite often meet Lynsey there as our girls are all big enough now to go off and play and because there is so many of them they look after each other nicely so we always know when someone needs us. It means that we can sit and drink tea and craft.

I took some knitting today. One of my very dear friends is expecting her first baby in November and I am determined to make some beautiful things for her long awaited bundle. I only learned to knit last Christmas (Mum was off work following a mastectomy and a year of chemo therapy so I grabbed the opportunity to get her to teach me while she was unable to run away), I seem to have taken to it quite well but have stuck to very basic items so far. I found a pattern for a baby hat that you can knit on two needles (I still have trouble with DP needles and knitting in the round), thought I'd start small and work up to a cardigan and a lacy blanket in time. I don't yet know what colour the baby will be (pink or blue) so am knitting in white. I had planned to send the hat now, something of a taster of things to come. I was going to send the hat with a pink flower to sew on if the baby is a girl but I realised it would probably be easier to cut it off if it's a boy! I am very pleased with the hat, what do you think;

The girls like it so I may have to make some pink ones for their dollies.

If anyone out there in blogland has some really easy but fancy looking baby patterns feel free to email them to me!

On the way home this afternoon we stopped at the shop for a loaf of bread, Simon climbed back into the car and asked;
"What flavour poppets* are your faves?"
"Why?" asked I.
"Because I bought you some,"
"Ah, thanks. Why, because you love me?"
"No, they were less than half price."

I am rapidly approaching 100 posts and am planning a bit of a give-away (not sure what yet) so watch this space!

Daisie xxx

*Poppets are small round chocolate covered sweets that come in mint and orange fondant and toffee. They come in a card box that has a small hole in the top, usually they don't come through the hole so you make it bigger and then they all come rolling out at once! Yummy!


twiggypeasticks said...

Who says romance is dead:) that is a great hat. I have a lovely Debbie Bliss baby knit book, why not try the local library for a copy.
Twiggy x

Swirlyarts said...

Ah - he's such a romantic! The hats are so cute in person :)

Sarahs Home said...

I havent had poppets in years... YUMMY!!! The hat looks wnderful, I am just a new knitter so can understand how difficult it is.

Sarah x

Anonymous said...

I love toffee poppets! I might be imagining it, but I'm convinced that they used to call them Toffets when I was a child, and the fondant ones were the poppets. Then again, I might just be showing my age!

Tip Top said...

Ah, never had poppets!

Knitting looks good too!!