Sunday, 18 May 2008

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Well, lazy all day really!

We woke early so had breakfast (marmite toast, what else) in bed and watched last night's Dr. Who. It's just too late for the children to watch on a saturday night so we tape and watch on sunday. It allows little minds to ask questions and process images before bedtime so no bad dreams!

The children and I left Simon in bed and came downstairs so I could try and rearrange my craft corner in order to make room for all my lovely things that will be here soon! Squeal!!

The girls made a 'beach' using some yellow cot sheets for the 'sand' and the rug from Simon's side of the bed to make the 'sea'. They spent an age 'paddling' with their skirts tucked in their knickers. We had some scary moments when Nathaniel crawled into the 'sea' and nearly drowned. Francesca saved him just in time, phew!

This is a picture Elizabeth took of the paper bucket and spade she made (she also made footprints for the beach in paper);

After lunch everyone was a bit grumpy so the girls were sent to bed to read and have chill time while I cleaned up and washed the dishes. After Simon and I had had some coffee and were sufficiently chilled to allow them back downstairs Francesca had fallen asleep in her book, ah! Just goes to show that My Little Pony isn't really that exciting;

Whilst browsing the web Simon found some news I've been waiting for; Nic (of Pendleslotracing) and Sunicha's baby girl has arrived safely. She is called Isabella and this is the card I made for them;

I knitted the tiny booties in about five minutes and think they look really cool, will be making more, watch this space (although I may have to knit some for Bo yet as it's the same yarn I did her hat and scarf in and Francesca thinks she'd look good 'matching'). The nappy is a simple felt triangle with a tiny safety pin to join it together.

Daisie xxx

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Tip Top said...

Lovely card - very clever bootes!