Saturday, 10 May 2008

I've Been Tagged......

I have been tagged by the lovely Twiggy but more about that in a bit.

Haven't blogged much this week as it has been lovely and sunny and we have spent much time in the sun! Nathaniel is a bit poorly, we have had less than ten hours sleep in the last three days and it is telling - Elizabeth has just asked me why Twiggy has a blue line under it and I explained that it's a hyperlink and that when it's on the internet people can click on it and it will take them to Bloggy's Twig oh how we laughed - he is full of a 'cold' and is mucus on a stick (if you will) and his teeth are sore and well he's in training to be a man, what more can I say.

Thursday night was the worst and I spent most of the night rocking him and walking about the house trying to distract him and not disturb anyone else. Simon got up at 5am to do some paper work so Nathaniel and I joined him downstairs and his basket of toys was a brilliant distraction, he played away quite happily while I made Elizabeth a hat for school. I made them both floppy floral hats last year but while in the fabric shop we spotted some green gingham (same as her school summer dresses) and I had to buy some to make her a school hat. Well, the sun wasn't anywhere to be seen then so I put it away and then when the sun came out this week I just haven't had time, until 5am on Friday morning. I made her a felt leaf badge to hold up the brim but realised when I put the hat on her and tried to pin it on that in my knackeredness I had sewn the safety pin (not expensive brooch backs for family) on the wrong way so it wouldn't pin on, DER! so I had to quickly tack it on before school. She was highly pleased and looked rather smart. Good bit of advertising me thinks.....?

Now, being tagged, it's a first for me. There are seven questions I have to answer and here they are;

1. If a movie was being made of your life who would you like to be cast to play yourself and why?
Why, oh why would anyone make a movie about me?! Not sure who I would choose but if you asked Simon he would say Catherine Zeta Jones as (apparently) she's the only woman as beautiful as me and he can see a likeness? Poor befuddled fool.

2. You are spending a whole month on a desert island for charity, and you have to choose your favourite celebrity to spend the first two weeks with you and & your least favourite celebrity to spend the second two weeks with, who would they be and why?
I would have difficulty choosing (am very bad at decisions, can you tell?) but would like to spend time with Daniel Craig (to look at if nothing else), Dermot O'Leary (same applies), Russel Brand or Graham Norton for laughs and general slagging off of other celebs! The second week would have to be Gina Ford or some other baby hating monster!!

3. What are your 3 favourite crafting products?
Paper, you can do so much with it, fabric, ditto and buttons because nobody should have to live without them!

4. If you could invent something what do you think it would be?
Some device to enable the smooth and even distribution of marmite on toast. Nigella mixes hers with a pat of butter until it is an even caramel colour and then keeps it in the fridge to use when she's in need of marmite toast. Thought this a brilliant idea but have never got around to doing it and it would be so good to be loved by half the population and hated by the other, haha!

5.What are the last 3 books that you read?
How To Kill Your Husband (and other handy household hints) by Kathy Lette.
Camberwell Beauty by Jenny Eclair (she could be a contender for the first week of my desert island holiday).
The Secret Mothers' Club by Joanne Fedler - best read I've had in a long time, highly recommend it for people with small children.
I used to read alot but now with three babies and very little time I tend to climb into bed not with my book as was once the case but crawl into bed and fall asleep (until someone wakes and needs me). I also read bubble gum for the brain type books these days, I like a read that I don't need to concentrate on!

6. QVC or Create and Craft?
I love to watch both and often have them on in the evening when doing ironing or sewing by hand or at the weekend when there is not much else on and I need to have something to keep me awake in the afternoon when I sit down for Nathaniel to have a boobie. I drool over die cutting machines and sewing machines and I love the paper product shows as I gather lots of ideas. I have never bought anything from either channel as it's just too expensive and am sure I could get it cheaper somewhere else!!

7. What is your claim to fame?
Quite a good one this. Bruce Forsyth (nice to see you, to see you.... etc) drove the wedding car when my Nan and Grandad got married (Mum's parents), he was 17 at the time and worked for his dad who owned Forsyth's Car Hire in Tottenham.
My brother had a small part in ITV's Children's Ward (years ago) and when filming at Granada he had a wee in the stall next to Kevin Webster from Corrie but that's his claim really and not mine.

Blimey, that was fun. Thanks Twiggy!

Daisie xxx

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Good answers and smashing hat !!!
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