Tuesday, 6 May 2008

My Shed Window

Here is my shed window! We've been out in the 'garden' today as the sun has been shining and it's so warm, think summer may have arrived...? The pansies that I planted in this basket about seven years ago come up year after year and look rather good and the tiny scrap of ivy I nicked from my mother-in-law's front garden is coming on rather well too. And tell me this, how many other people do you know that have gingham curtains in their shed!?

We made it to Lancaster Castle yesterday and had a wonderful time. It's very exciting and a bit scary being so near all those prisoners (one of which was being released (we think) as I took this photo);

We set off after our tour of the castle into town to have some lunch and we trawled the charity shops. Not much to be had really; the girls got a goodie bag of hair accessories each, I bought a tiny Vincent Van Gogh jigsaw which will be made into something interesting when I think of something interesting.....suggestions on a postcard please. We did the book shops (surprise) and we all were a little tired and fed up when Simon was trying to spend his birthday money in Waterstones so the children and I went back to the car so that I could feed Nathaniel. Well, Nathaniel had a boobie, we had a drink and we talked about coroners and hanging people and played I-spy for a bit. We got bored and opened the goodie bags. Sorry Nathaniel......

Here are some cards I made this afternoon with the lovely new pens I bought at Aintree the other weekend;

Another picture from the 'garden' Nathaniel standing all by himself just before he gave us all a heart attack when he climbed up the steps to find his Mummy in the kitchen, argh;

Daisie xxx


twiggypeasticks said...

We went to Lancaster Castle once and it was shut! I love your shed curtains and although I don't know anyone with gingham curtains in their shed, I do know someone with Winni the Pooh curtains - my sister in law!!
Twiggy x

Sharon said...

We've got gingham curtains in the shed! Technically it was supposed to be a playhouse for the girls, but really they just use it as a girl shed! And I can really relate to the shoe thing, it's just sooo painful! Sharon x