Thursday, 15 May 2008

Green Fingers

Can't believe it's Thursday already, where has this week gone?

My friend Claire and her son Li-Bau (will show you a photo when I get one) and Nathaniel and I went to a local breastfeeding group this morning (you get a free coffee, that's why we go!). There were so many boobies that it had this effect on Nathaniel;

After a lazy morning we decided after lunch to venture into the 'garden' and pot on the seeds that the girls planted on mother's day! Elizabeth's Bizzie Lizzies are doing really well and will go straight into the hanging basket at the weekend but Francesca's were looking a little sorry for themselves;

We thought they might do better like this but only time will tell!

All this gardening made Francesca quite tired so she had a sit down;

You will have noticed that I always type 'garden' like this; 'garden' because it isn't really and we have ideas far above our station but it will always be referred to as the garden. It is technically a yard as it is a hard standing of about 5m by 3m. It is big enough for our sandpit, a small slide and the paddling pool when the British summertime allows. It truly is a garden, we have an oak tree (all be it in a pot), a twisted hazel and the beginnings of a privet hedge! The plants have a long history with us and when I have time I'll tell the tale of why I have an oak tree and have done for nearly 14 years.

Daisie xxx

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jennyflower said...

Love your tree lined 'gardn' we have one very similar. Just a yard but no with a compost area and runner beans....quite ridculous! Thanks for the tag; I'm not dead just brain dead at the moment and will blog soon.