Saturday, 10 May 2008

Knackered and Forgetful!

OMG, can't believe I forgot Richard Hammond! Think I may have momentarily lost my mind (only momentarily? I hear you all cry). Who better to spend the first two weeks on a desert island with?! Yummy yummy hamster!

And I should also have tagged five other people. Here goes, thanks in advance for doing this, am looking forward to seeing what your answers are;

Swirlyarts' Lynsey.
Ruth at TipTopToppers.
Jenny Flower.
Iris and Lily's Sharon.
Christine; because she's been so quiet of late and I for one want to know what she's been up to!!

That's not all for today as I have to send a very happy birthday to my little sister Naomi (she's all of 22!!) and I need also to send special get well wishes to my little friend Thomas as he's very poorly and I want him to be well soon! Also a big hug to his Mummy Alison who is worried and tired, we're thinking of you here in the Davies' household!

Night night (unless I think of anything else I've forgotten),
Daisie xxx


Tip Top said...

Agggghhhh!! I can't answer those questions!!!!!!!! Will have to have a think and respond tommorow!!

Sharon said...

Hi Daisie! I'm not ignoring your tag, honest! I'll get to it but have to sew for a craft fair in two weeks and I haven't made alot! HAHAHA!- that would be the sound of manic laughter!