Wednesday, 7 May 2008

My Floors Are Crunchy!

It must be summer as the floors in my house make an amazing crunchy noise under foot. No, we don't have cock roaches but small children who never wipe their feet when coming in from the sandpit!

Been walking alot today in the sun so have very dirty feet (as well as a crunchy floor) so am off for a bath but wanted to show you this cool picture I took of the second card I made for Rohana. The dragon is blue this time and flying in a different style, I have added a bead, think it looks a bit more girlie? The sun must have been behind a cloud as I just realised when I put the pics onto the computer that the flash had gone off, so it looks like two dragons in flight as you can see the shadow behind the drawing (this is the joy of the sparkly window card)!

Daisie xxx

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twiggypeasticks said...

Aww sooooo cute. I've tagged you hun, check out my blog
Twiggy x