Saturday, 31 May 2008

I Knit Like I Cook

Just a quick one for now as we're in the middle of a busy Saturday.

I have noticed that I knit just like I cook. I follow a recipe once and then do it my own way the next time I cook it. I followed the pattern I found (must find out where it was so I can credit the person) for the hat (see yesterday's pic) and then I used the basic idea and changed it and tweaked it and played around with different stitches and created this;

If anything I like this one better. Am now trying to work out whether I need to double or triple the pattern to make a hat for me, I have some beautiful textured yarn in a deep purple that I have had for an age just because I like the colour. Will need to do a test piece me thinks as I'll use bigger needles for a chunky look. Think I may have a new hat and scarf for the winter. Yes, I know it's only May!!

Have a good day, may be back later....

Daisie xxx


Anonymous said...

Here I am - at last!!! And what do I see... you're writing about me xxx

H x

jennyflower said...

Love the hat, really cute! I'm still in the midst of baby knitting, getting a bit frantic, one due this month! Also love the description of Poppets-bang on, but has made me very peckish!