Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Anyone Want To Play?

My beautiful PIF gift arrived from the wonderful Jennyflower today :-)


A wonderful little felt bracelet (perfect fit by the way Jen) wrapped in the most amazing piece of fabric;

All purpley, all yummy, all perfect, thanks Jenny!!!!!

Now the deal with a PIF is that when it arrives you have to ask three more people to play, which means that the first three people to leave a comment on this post will recieve a small handmade gift from me. Maybe tomorrow, maybe next week, maybe next month but certainly sometime in the next 365 days. If you would like a small something from me then leave a comment but you will then have to Pay It Forward and ask three more people to play once your gift has arrived. And don't worry if you're not one of the first three here as I am expecting a PIF from Moogsmum sometime............ so will be asking for some more players soon!

Ooooh, it's exciting!!

Today has been a playday, we collected Nathaniel's little friend Erin this morning and headed off through the rain (hasn't stopped all day) to our favourite place to play when the weather is bad. Later in the morning Amelia (N's other woman) showed up too with Mum and Grandma in tow, he was a happy boy, two small girls demanding kisses!! Then after lunch Swirly and Co turned up too! A brillaint day with funny children and great friends and look what I made while sitting and chatting;

I finished the boots last night. All the patterns I have found for baby boots are a little girlie looking. I have found a brilliant pattern but they will take me an age and I wanted something quick so I edited an Erica Knight pattern (ahem, cough cough) this is the fourth and final attempt and do you know what, I actually like this pair! If I ever get stuck for a post I'll show you the others and give you all a laugh! I may knit another pair with a double length cuff so it can be rolled down but still cover the ankle and (hopefully) stay put. The hat was done today, a little off the cuff (ooooh, get me being adventurous), slightly different from the one I made for Heather's baby but following the same principle. Can't wait to see his tiny head in it soon!

So, if you want a surprise gift (at some point) please leave a comment here and be quick about it, I'm only doing three! If you don't fancy paying it forward then don't forget to go here and pick a date for the chance to win a Daisie something.

Daisie xxx


MollyandIzzie said...

Helloooo - can I play?!

Hope your all well, sounds like a fun day!

x x x

Bagladee said...

Hi Alex, I'd love to join in :) xx

Jude said...

Me too!!!
Working nights at the moment, then big 'do' in Wales..did you know my daughter is getting married!! Yes of course the whole world knows......but I'll catch up soon..