Saturday, 22 August 2009

A Day Of Making

Elizabeth got a fabulous little kit to make french knitted animals for her birthday, here is her first creation, a snake for Nathaniel;

He loves it so!!

Then she became a bit pom-pom obsessed and made this little man (walking like an egyptian) to hang in the car;

I will show some more pics when he's finished.

Nathaniel helped me make banana buns, this was the hard bit;

This bit was better;

But this bit was best;

I settled to do some knitting this afternoon, the blue is a baby project and the pink is a bit of a secret WIP for Francesca;

This yarn is so scrummy, you get stripes without having the hassle of lots of threads all getting tangled;

Francesca spent lots of time french knitting too, she wants to make a horse, I think it may take some time.........

And of course I had to have a play with my new pens :-)

What better way than some doodley ATCs

This is my fave, a swirly whirly birdie;

This tree looked much better in my mind (isn't that always the way?);

And the children liked my fishie wishies best;

Daisie xxx


jennyflower said...

sssssimply ssssstunning ssssnake! (Will would have made a poo!)

Bagladee said...

Loving them all, those pens look fab!! And I could just eat one of those little buns with a nice cup of tea Yum!! Beats the pannini we had at 2:10am this morning at the service station :( hugs xx