Sunday, 2 August 2009


Before I tell you of the catastrophe that struck me today let me tell you about the most wonderful day I had yesterday. Much as I love a day at the park/seaside/museum it is so lovely to have a day at home. And my day was divided in two with two of the most wonderful girls in the world.

Elizabeth had been invited out to a birthday tea so we spent the morning carefully bathing and doing hair and choosing just the right set of clothes together. Then we spent ages looking through papers and embellishments and making a wonderful card and book mark for her friend's birthday. Off she went.....

Then Francesca and I spent a very long time indeed making the most amazing gift for Elizabeth's up and coming birthday, can't tell you what it is yet but I have been taking pics as we go, soon all will be revealed. We painted and stuck and found lovely photographs and had lots and lots of snuggles!

Then my two small Masterchefs decided we were going to have princess pizza for our tea. I chopped everything they would need and left them to it;

Francesca's princess looked stunning (and was rather tasty too) while Nathaniel's had a slightly more Picasso theme running through it but was still very delish;

A lovely, lovely day!!

Now, today, I found this yummy pattern and adapted it to make it slightly more manly;

I completed the first one quite well to say I haven't done any 'proper' knitting for quite some time. Then half way through the sole of the second boot disaster struck;

Not sure how it happened, it may have been my arse, or a stray leaning arm but to be honest when you are as huge as I am at the moment it could have been anything! Tears in my eyes :-(

It is only a little project and I don't need the whole needle length so I am gong to soldier on regardless......

Oh, and start the mammoth task of listing all my goodies in my shops, no more fairs for me until Christmas time(ish).

Daisie xxx

PS: I have just had another look at the picture I took of my shadow and would like to point out to you all that although my belly looks huge (and it is believe me) I have not sprouted a penis!! I think it's the tie thingie on those linen trousers, honest!!


Jude said...

Nah, the needles are too long anyway!!
Don't forget to take a photo when they're finished..
I fancy a pizza now!

Tip Top said...

Hahahahha!! On the 'extra' on the photo!

Selotape is good....?

Jackie said...

I have really enjoyed catching up with your goings on. Camping! Tch!
You're amazing.