Sunday, 16 August 2009

Birthday Update

A pirate card made by Francesca, I just love the crocodile in the sea, and one by me;

We've had a lovely day out and enjoyed a late lunch together, spent hours in a book shop and we all have at least one new book but Elizabeth has somehow, miraculously managed to come home with as much money in her purse as she left home with this morning? Wish I could do that!!

Firstly let me show you some makes. I have been trying on all the bags I have made recently on Elizabeth and secretly measuring her to make a bag that was a perfect fit;

I finished it with a lovely big, bright blue button;

Inside there are four patch pockets, perfect today for her purse, music player and notebook (don't know where she gets it from);

She really loves it and it is a fabulous fit on her, sadly I didn't manage to get a good photo of her wearing it but have a feeling she will be wearing it alot from now on so there will be plenty of chances to show you. And best of all is that it was a complete surprise, she loves this fabric but I told her that I only had a small piece left and made her a small zipped pouch for her ocarina a while ago, secretly hiding the last bits to make her birthday bag! Sneaky Mummy!

Francesca has also been busy making birthday delights. We saw a cardboard book shaped box in a craft store and bought it a few weeks ago. Francesca wanted to decorate it for Elizabeth to keep on her book shelf and hide her precious things in. We painted the cover a deep silvery colour and the page edges gold. Francesca chose a good photo of her sister to go on the front and the we spent ages doing mosaic tiles around the pic. I sat for hours squirting tiny bits of glue onto the back of the tiles and watching Francesca form a patterned frame. I think she did a really good job;

She decided on the book title too and I added it to the spine;

We glued some deep blue felt to the interior to make it look a bit posher and then we added little delights to the inside. A note book, a letter 'E' to hang on her door, Francesca made a card and we chose some family photos and made her a small album;

And I just have to show you this picture of Nathaniel and the biggest mug you have ever seen;

We often have a family trip to Borders and we spend hours there, the atmosphere is lovely and there is so much to see and do we nearly always have to venture upstairs for a little sit down and refresh and a browse of our books. Simon does like his caffiene and I have a big hot choclate (with cream) that I can share with the children. The size of the mug didn't stop Nathaniel from sharing too;

He is such a big boy. We have been out all day and have had dry pants all day! What a star, think we may just be getting the hang of this toilet training malarkey :-)

Daisie xxx


Julie said...

Wow what gorgeous pressies, lucky Elizabeth...... I love the book box, so clever and just what every young lady needs. Love that photo of you and your gorgeous 8 year old, you are like 2 pea's in a pod!!!!! HAPPY (late) BIRTHDAY ELIZABETH, hope that all your dreams come true this year and that fairies and magic follow your every step.. Julie XX

Swirlyarts said...

Nice pressies! Did she like her doodle book?

Jude said...

Lovely gifts,I specially like the box, I had one when I was young and loved keeping things of importance in it.