Thursday, 13 August 2009

Sunny Sunny Sunny

Today we have been out and about in the sun but before that I want to just show you some pictures of a special bag I made for my friend's birthday (yesterday);

It's a yummy linen mix from John Lewis and is lined with a plain linen. And after a sort through my stash look at what a perfect match this button is;

I have been waking earlier in the mornings now Simon is back at work and the sun was blazing at breakfast. The children and I waved Simon off and changed all the bunk beds and had a mad blitz of their bedrooms, all windows open, laundry on the line, domestic bliss etc....

Then when we were washed and dressed we packed the pram and headed on out around 10:30. We had a good long walk to the park where we had a see-saw;

And pretended to be fairies on toadstools;

And had a lovely picnic under a miniature tree;

Then with full bellies we headed on to the children's centre to take part in a family art session, as the weather was so warm and there were so many of us wanting to join in we invaded the school yard. The best bit (and messiest) was a huge length of paper and bowls with assorted colours of paint to dip your feet into;

Francesca made lots of pink foot prints;

Elizabeth made lots of blue hand prints;

Nathaniel very carefully poked each of his fingers into a different colour and then panicked. He loved washing them off in the big bowls of water and ended up in one with just his pants on! Sadly my camera battery died and I have no pics to show you. One very happy boy indeed!

Daisie xxx

Potty Update; Nathaniel is doing very well indeed, we are now on day 5 and apart from a minor dribble in the park he has been dry all day. Only one set of clothes required yesterday too. Very proud of my little man!


bekimarie said...

I can remember doing the footprints with my kiddies years ago, Jess must of only ben about 3. Must do it again, such fun!
Love the bag, you clever thing you!
Beki xxx

Tip Top said...

Hehehehe! Just wait until your little man starts to wee at the toilet. It won't be in the toilet - it will be everywhere but cos they can't aim straight. Just warning you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jude said...

What fun.. I'd be there with my shoes off too
Well done Nathaniel x

sue said...

Oh it looks like you had a lovely day, please could Nathaniel come and help charlie, he refuses to wear anything other than a nappy lol!!

twiggypeasticks said...

Toilet training what fun!! Twiglet now feels it is his duty to have a wee whenever we go out, doesn't have to be a private place either, the boy has no shame, you have been warned :)
Lovely bag!!!
Twiggy x