Friday, 7 August 2009


We have been so busy since last I was here.

We had a day in Manchester (well, Salford really) and visited the Imperial War Museum with some friends and nearly got run over by a tank, argh....

Then we walked a way to Old Trafford to watch a pre-season friendly match. It was Nathaniel's first time and he was very impressed. I don't do football but had a very good time indeed. By the time we were 2-0 up the Mexican wave started and went round and round and round and round and round (you get the picture), Francesca loved this bit best. She watched it go all around the stadium and squeaked with delight when it reached us and she threw her arms in the air.

And we managed to get a very good look at Fred The Red;

A very bad picture but we really did see him and he really did wave at us, the excitement was just too much!!

Think I may be a football convert, not heavy matches but I'd do friendlies again with the children 74, 311 people all playing the same silly games and cheering at the same time was quite good fun really.

Thursday I went out with just my big girl. It was just what we both needed. She has become very argumentative over the last week or so. I think being with her sister all the time has been hard (they either like each other lots or not at all, there is no in between). Elizabeth is seven going on fifteen and some days is really like Kevin the teenager. I find it hard because half of me wants to hug her and baby her and part of me just wants to beat her about the head when she is horrid. Not that I would you understand........

Anyhoo, we set out for Blackpool in the morning leaving a very tired Francesca and Nathaniel at home with Simon. We were on a search for new pyjamas and just needed to be together. No pyjamas were found but there were other treats to be had for her and her siblings (and me too!!!!) and there was not a raised voice to be heard. She even held my hand!? Apparently that's ok as long as it's not near school!

Today the children and I left Simon to have a rest from us all before he goes back to work on Monday. We collected Nathaniel's little friend Erin and her Mummy and set out for a play day here.

This afternoon I went to see my midwife and came away feeling much much better. She has taken some more blood and is going to phone me tomorrow with the results. She spent ages listening to me about my fears of not being able to give birth at home. She was very supportive and sympathetic. She has said that she will deliver my home birth pack on the 21st (two weeks time) as long as my levels have not dropped any further. The risk of excessive bleeding is minimal given my history (the lovely woman spent ages digging out my old labour notes and bleeding during and immediately after birth have never been a problem) so she sees no reason for it not to be 'safe' for me not to deliver in hospital. She will help me fight my corner if my consultant thinks differently. I feel that if this becomes a battle now I won't have to fight alone and that makes me feel stronger. Still have to take loads of iron but it may all turn out right in the end, as they say.......

I have some button goodies to share with you all tomorrow.

Night, night, Daisie xxx


Bagladee said...

Wow you did have a busy day hey? Looked loads of fun though :D glad everything is ok with you and baby bump, hugs Em xxx

Jackie said...

You might be better at home. I know its a long time ago but I lost a lot of blood with my second. The auxilliary nurse forced me out of bed the day after and I nearly passed out. The Sister in charge told me to 'get back into bed' and why. It was the first I heard of it.So at least at home you will be an only patient.