Sunday, 30 August 2009

Boots And History

What a brilliant day, Simon and I have not slept well of late due to work stress, fighting neighbours (not fighting with us, fighting with eachother) and my currently tiny bladder so we spent a lazy morning in bed with the children. Simon made breakfast and we all vegged about in our pyjamas until lunch.

Here are the latest boots for our new little man;

The picture's not too brilliant, sorry. The cuff is twice the length of the last pair and they look really yummy and cosy warm. I am showing you these and smiling.

Tomorrow morning the midwife will be delivering my home-birth pack!!!!!!! :-D

The children and I went to clinic on Friday and the result of my blood test from last week wasn't there (the words arse and elbow spring to mind) so she rang the hospital. 10.5. Can't quite believe it! Nearly kissed the poor woman. It's still quite low and I will have to continue chewing nails for a long time yet but they no longer class me as a high risk so I can have my baby here at home with all my family and all my own things. I am so relived and can't wait for him to arrive.

Anyhoo, getting back to today (blogger jumbled up my pics) after lunch feeling like bad parents for making our children rest and watch crap telly we decided we ought to venture out for the afternoon. We drove a little way down the road to Ribchester to visit the Roman Museum and walk by the river.

We walked around the Roman Bath;

Then in the museum itself we saw some beautiful finds from the digs of the site.

Beautifully delicate rings;

Yummy glass beads;

And there were an awful lot of these;

They really were everywhere;

Blimey, almost didn't know where to look! The child in me thought them quite funny really, how sad am I?!

Then we wondered through the church yard and found some lovely ladies in the church hall selling homemade cakes and tea and coffee. We sat at a lovely table and ordered three (rather large) slices of chocolate cake for the little people, I had a chocolate meringue, Simon had a scone with jam and fresh cream, we had two cups of coffee and three lemonades all for just over a fiver! We may go back just for afternoon tea and a walk by the river.....

Hope you are all having a lovely bank-holiday weekend whatever you're up to?

Daisie xxx


Bagladee said...

Hi Alex,
Those little booties are just adorable. I'm sorry you are not sleeping well due to neighbours and stress, I know too well what thats like so I feel for you hunny. Glad you had a nice afternoon, we went for a walk on the beach and had fish and chips, yum. Hugs
Em xx

My Passport to Style said...

Hi Daisy,love your booties and those beads!I had a home birth and went over due and was told I might not get it, so I sympathise,good luck with it all. Sharon xx

Swirlyarts said...

Fabulous news about the birth pack! Now come on little man, you need to come out on the 14th ok so nice friendly Lynsey can win some goodies :)

Jackie said...

Your three commenters have nicely avoided teh you know whats so I'll just lower the tone here and say I am wondering where those screws go.

Becks said...

Love the bootees.
Well done you on getting the HB up. I managed to persuade MW's to agree to Homebirth with a HB of 9.9 although I then got it up to 10.5 before Heather arrived. Stress of fighting for the birth you want isn't great for you either.
Hope things continue to go well.

JuliaB said...

I never knew there was a roman villa near Ribchester! (I used to live near Blackburn). Glad you are getting your kit delivered at last! xx

jennyflower said...

God work, iron lady! I too love the phallic plaque, I am thinking it would look mighty fine on the front door of our conservation area house!

Jude said... may remembermy daughter is marrying Matt next Sat. in Wales,so are off tomorrow. So, no more blogging for a week!!
In case something happens while I'm not here...all the very best!! Loads of cuddles and squidgy kisses for "him, down below"
Take good care and take it easy!!

Gina said...

Very happy for you about the home birth Daisie. Love the little boots!