Wednesday, 2 September 2009


I had the best sleep I have had in ages last night. And the reason why? I put Nathaniel to bed with no nappy on, wish I'd done it this time last week! He has been dry during the day for over two weeks now but I had left him in nappies at night, not wanting to change a wet bed in the middle of the night and not wanting to cause him any anxiety. He has been waking very distressed and I had thought it was because he wanted to wee but was too sleepy and disorientated to realise it. However, when I wrestled him from his nappy and put him on the pot he failed to perform. He has slept fitfully on and off until morning when his nappy has been dry and his bladder has been massive. The potty was full to over flowing.

So last night we sat in bed and talked about not having a nappy on. He thought this was a good idea "I no wee on pants, I no wee-wee on 'jamas" Made sense to the little man. So I told him that he had to wee when Mummy put him on the potty in the night or he'd have a wet bed. He said he would. He stirred when I was going to bed around ten so I put him on the pot and he wee'd. He then slept until 5am and did the biggest wee I have ever seen! But because his bladder was then empty he went straight back to sleep until we were all ready to get up this morning. He very proudly had to go and tell his sisters that he "no wee-wee on 'jamas!" both of whom were suitably impressed. And in the seven hours I was not disturbed by Nathaniel's bladder mine was kind enough to let me sleep too :-)

So this morning when Simon went to work just before 8 and we had no plans I decided it was time to get my house in order, which is also known around here as extreme nesting!

I ran up a little 'net' curtain that I have been meaning to do for ages. Since Simon bought a big telly infact (although it's not as big as he wanted it to be as I am constantly reminded), many months ago. It is on the wall now (due to size and other man reasons) and because I don't dress the beautiful stained glass window at the front of our house people have been looking in on their way past and it infuriates Simon (especially when he's killing aliens on the PS3)! I hate traditional nets but compromised and made a small curtain with unbleached muslin;

Very quick, very easy and quite nice too.

I then had a mad clean upstairs, I have changed all the beds, vaccuumed all the floors, tidied everything to within an inch of it's life, dusted and sorted out all the baby clothes into the right places, been through the children's wardrobes and removed to storage anything that doesn't fit any of them at the moment. And after meaning to for ages I recovered the cushion of the chair that is in our bedroom at the mo;

Please excuse the paint tin still there, think it has become a permenant feature!

The chair was originally in the children's bedroom when it was yellow, we sprayed the chair red and it had a bright yellow winnie-the-pooh fabric seat. Bit ungrown-up in our room so something had to change. When (if) we ever get some good dry weather the chair will be dragged outside and either sprayed blue or white and then it'll really match!

Then, because I had this fabric out I made us a little door-stop;

Which matches the cushions I made about eighteen months ago (before we even had a blue room) for our bed;

My home is now lovely and tidy and dust and germ free, well, in places.......

I think my son may arrive early. I have had the grumbliest belly for about three days and the most awful back ache and an amazing sense of doom. It maybe my body getting ready to deliver but knowing my husband's time keeping skills, my previous deliveries and my luck it's just because I had a late night curry at the weekend with Simon (very bad idea), I am huge, it's quite warm and the weather is wet.

We'll see!

Daisie xxx


twiggypeasticks said...

Hooray for Nathaniel what a clever boy! you've been very busy. I had Mexican for dinner the night before I had twiglet and didn't realise I was in labour, thought I had indigestion :)
Twiggy x

Bagladee said...

Way to go Nathaniel!!! And bless you for managing a good nights sleep you sure sounded like you needed it (and not some annoying postie waking you up at 7am) :D hope the choccies made it a little better. Wow you aure have been nesting, would you like to come and nest my house too (only kidding). Loving the door stop. xx

Jackie said...

What I want to know is who is going to post when the baby is born? I need to know immediately.

Swirlyarts said...

Noooooo - little baby and me need to have a talk. You are not to arrive until the 14th! And Alex, if you feel like nesting some more then I have a house that's very near to you :)

WendyCarole said...

Well done Nathaniel