Monday, 7 September 2009

Counting The Days

I don't really have anything very blog-worthy to share but thought I ought to make an apearance just to let you know that we are still five and still waiting to become six.

Lunch today; egg mayonaise (courtesy of Caroline's ladies) and chunky beetroot sandwich made with some uncut bread left from the weekend (well, it's law, you must have fat toast at the weekend) and a few kettle chips to finish off;

How nice!? I know I will suffer like mad in about an hour when my eyes are watering because of the heartburn but as it says above; I am counting the days now. Eight in theory but we'll see!

The girls returned to school today after the long summer holiday. The house is very quiet but Nathaniel and I have got lots and lots done. We have washed so much stuff (including some for Swirly as her machine is broken) and hung it in the garden, see now everyone is back at school it has stopped raining! We have cleaned the bathroom (including that bit behind the loo and the floor), washed the upstairs windows, made banana buns, made chicken soup for tea with the left overs from last night's roast, started the bread and left it to prove.

And I have managed after several weeks to contact the woman organising the training course I'll be starting this Thursday. I know the timing is terrible but I have been waiting for a place for nearly two years! I can work and co-run a support group at my children's centre as other memebers of staff have recieved training but I cannot go out into the community without this training. Apparently five years of breastfeeding (three different children) doesn't allow me to give advice and support. So by Christmas I will be fully qualified and hopefully I can give some much needed support to women in my own community, on my own door step and who knows where it'll lead me. Quite excited. Just need to not give birth on a wednesday night or thursday morning really and everything will be fine......

And I tried to take some pictures of my beautiful Y4 girl and her beautiful Y1 sister this morning but they seemed adamant that I wouldn't get a good one;

I do hope they've had a good day in their new classes and I can't wait to go and collect them later and give them big hugs (although Elizabeth won't allow this until we are out of sight of school) and feed them banana buns and hear all about it!

Daisie xxx


niftyknits said...

oh my - you really are imminent if you've got to the mega-cleaning stage of nesting! Your girls look adorable - I so miss seeing my class coming in with their new uniforms. Ah well. Good luck!

Sweet Mess said...

What a cute post.

I hope you are able to go to the training too~ I think you would be wonderful at it, and I hope it comes to fruition. Also, I have never seen someone put beets in an egg salad. How clever! And banana buns sound yummy too. Okay, I will stop babbling. Congrats on being in the counting phase!

Anonymous said...

leaving a comment so you do indeed know that someone reads...its flower from gp..I have just started a secret blog myself but havnt let the word out yet...just wanted to wish you happy times with new arrival....and youre girls look lovely, great expressions...first grumpy, then a sneaky grin from little sister...I love Dd is year 4 this year and has just started a new school....had equally happy face on first day wearing tie and blazer!!