Sunday, 20 September 2009

Still Here!

A big thank you for all the lovely emails I have had over the past few days!

But there is no baby yet.

Yes, a week overdue now, nearly.

Unless something dramatic happens in the next twelve hours I will be presenting myself, bump first, to the consultant at the ante-natal clinic at the hospital and pleading my case for not being induced.

My community midwife and I have made a plan and hopefully 'She Who Decides' will allow me to go another week before setting a date for induction. I just need to remeber to be assertive and not agressive when stating my case. And not to cry.

I have changed the bunk beds this weekend, jumping down the ladders, I have been running up and down stairs, I have done a marathon ironing session hoping that gravity will help me out but no joy. I had a membrane sweep on friday afternoon but that didn't get the little man moving, he's just comfy and not coming out until he's ready!

I do hope he makes an appearance soon though as my middle sister is flying up on wednesday afternoon to meet her new nephew. She is staying with my Mum until tuesday though so hopefully by then he'll be around for an auntie snuggle.

And rest assured you will know as soon as he arrives!

Daisie xxx


twiggypeasticks said...

I've been thinking about you. Come on Baby Davies, make an appearance while it's still sunny :) Twiglet was only 5 days late and it felt like 5 years !
twiggy x

Swirlyarts said...

Pineapple and sex - that's what you need :)

Gina said...

I do feel for you... pizza and a beer worked for me! Gave me terrible heartburn but it got the little fella moving!

Tip Top said...

OMG Swirly - just what I was going to say!!! So yeah - it must work eh?!!

PS I just did the pineapple bit though!!

JuliaB said...

Have you tried a curry or a chilli? x

Sweet Mess said...

I hope your meeting goes well and the little one is allowed one more week to get less comfy!
Thinking of you!

jennyflower said...

We did the whole induction thing with Will two weeks after he failed to show up. If you want any info just ask, but hopefully all the emergency measures will work- (we did curry and hot loving but it just freaked Simon out!)

sue said...

oh, I do hope little comes soon, been thinking of you :)

twiggypeasticks said...

Hey don't knock the drawing on vegetables until you've tried it!!