Tuesday, 15 September 2009

A Good Place To Sleep

Well today baby is due, no sign and unless something amazing happens in the next few hours he will be late, just like his sisters and brother!! Well, only late if you're counting, babies do tend to come when they are fully 'baked'. Perhaps he's just not quite finished yet?

I will not miss the aching legs, the vomittyitis, the heart burn, the sore bum and perenium and I look forward to being able to wear my own jeans again and being able to see my own knees without the aid of a mirror!

Nathaniel will miss his comfy spot to sleep;

He came to cuddle me in bed on Sunday morning and promptly fell asleep, Elizabeth took these lovely pictures for me.

He talks to his baby brother and asks frequently 'when you come out?' He has sorted through his toy cars and declared that his new baby can have the smallest one but cannot (under any circumstances) share his Fimble. He is looking after a cuddly elephant for the baby and it is his job to bring it when he (finally) arrives.

Francesca has sorted the first clothes and tiny nappy that the baby will need when he comes and it is her job to be ready with them when he needs to get dressed.

Elizabeth has a very important job but I will tell you about that at the time.

The girls both want to be involved in finger and toe counting and generally being helpful which will be really nice for all of us.

We are so prepared now that any time is good but baby Davies needs to make his mind up when he'd like his birthday to be.

Daisie xxx


willow81 said...

What a lovely post, beautiful photos, that bump does look like a cosy place to nap!! xx

JuliaB said...

You look ready to pop!! xx

Sweet Mess said...

You look great, and Nathaniel looks comfy! I love how how your stretch marks look so cute next to the striped stuffed animal too.
Soon enough...I hope!

sue said...

Awww, what extremely gorgeous photo's.....beautiful :)

Charlotte said...

Those photos are absolutely beautiful. xx