Friday, 25 September 2009

A Day In My Life In Pictures (not)!

Well, when Vonnie had the brilliant idea of lots of crafty Mummies making a record of their crafty day in pictures I thought 'how fun, I'll do that' Today was meant to be that day, great, I thought, I'll have had the baby and life will be getting back to normal. On Friday's we do an adventure playgroup and I am currently doing an art as therapy course in the afternoons. Loads of photo opportunities.

Well the first spanner in the works is that there is still no baby!

So here are a few pics, I will do it properly one day but today was just not meant to be the day.

Nathaniel was first up and helped me make the breakfasts and the lunches;

While the coffee brewed;

When everyone else emerged from their slumber Francesca practiced her weekly spellings;

Elizabeth had a slight strop as she didn't really want to get up (tell me, who does?);

And aliens kidnapped my husband and turned him into this well turned out efficient (not bimbling in the least) college manager;

A small amount of excitement occured at a quarter to nine when the car wouldn't start. The AA man arrived very swiftly and we were soon fixed and on our way;

He was a very nice man, a very very nice man (remember that?)! Nathaniel loved his big yellow van :-)

A little crafting happened in the way of a birthday presnet for Francesca to take to her friend's party tomorrow;

There is a dinner plate, a side plate and a bowl with her name on.

Part of the 'deal' of leaving my bump alone until next week was that I present myself at clinic again today to be 'checked'. So off Nathnaiel and I duely trotted this afternoon, missing my art class. It wasn't my midwife but another one from the team. I didn't get a last ditch attmept at starting labour with another sweep (not that they're my favourite thing but I did think it may help at this late hour) as she didn't think after already having two that another would be helpful. And there I was willing to try anything!

A week seemed a long time on monday but it is friday now and I only have two days in which to be able to have my baby son at home. I am losing heart with the whole thing. I feel like it will never happen. The odds are too slim. And then a hospital delivery brings up so many other issues when it comes to our other children. Too many to go into now, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

We arrived late for the art as therapy cousrse. No one minded, it has happened since the course began three weeks ago because of the bump! We are currently reflecting on aspects of our past, and today was not the day for me to do it really. I have been tearful and snappy and my poor little brain (and heart) is in such turmoil.

But all is not lost!

My lovely friend Jenny brought me round a vanilla slice earlier and I am just going to drown my sorrows in that and a small glasss of merlot, we had a boozey stewie cassarole affair for tea and there was some left over. And you never know, baby may decide to make an appearance and then the midwife on call will think I am a mad alcie! Well, she'd be half right :-)

So sorry Vonnie for not having an exciting day to record in pictures, maybe another day.........

Daisie xxxx


JuliaB said...

Have you told little boy bump that his public awaits!!! Hope he doesn't come out as big as the baby born in Indonesia today - 19lbs! ouch!!

Sweet Mess said...

I like what you had captured so far of your day.
Thinking of you and that stubborn baby...

jennyflower said...

Hugs, maybe your lad is liking the service you are offering in the there- cake, booze- You could try a weekend of gruel and see if that gets he blighter out! XX

My Passport to Style said...

Come on baby you can do it, your thumb nail is on my blog today just thought I would let you know, good luck! Sharon xxx