Sunday, 13 September 2009

A Late Night

As I said in my last post we have had some of the nicest weather this week than we have had in a very long time! It seemed a shame to not be out enjoying it as we never know how long it will last at this time of year so we set off out to the coast.

We had our tea out, nothing beats fish at the seaside!

And spent most of the evening playing on the beach;

We found some interesting beach 'art', well a supermarket trolley that had been dumped and buried by the tide;

Found some interesting drift wood;

It was quite big, a tree me thinks;

We watched the sun sink into the sea;

We wrapped up in the car and drove along the coast road saying good night to the sea and the sky. We were thinking of driving through the illuminations at Blackpool but it was just soooo busy being Saturday night we decided it was best to come home to bed and go during the week once the clocks have moved back for the winter. When it will be darker sooner so not as busy.

Hopefully my last pregnant walk on the beach, fingers crossed!

Daisie xxx


Bagladee said...

Lovely photos Alex, the sunset looks gorgeous. xx

Becks said...

Lovely pictures.
We went for a long, long walk on the beach when I was 39 weeks PG in June. Two days later Heather was in my arms. Same with another mama whose blog I follow. Walked the beach and 2 days later her little one was with her.
Heres hoping the beach works its magic for you. Although I'm sticking with the 20th ;-)

jennyflower said...

Beautiful. Keeping thinking about you and the bump, can't wait to hear of the safe delivery. xx

My Passport to Style said...

Hi love the trolley art, your soo right its important to squeeze every last drop of sun out of our dwindling summer as possible.Fingers crossed about baby!Sharon xox

JuliaB said...

What a lovely beach! and lovely pictures too. xx