Saturday, 8 August 2009

I Really Love Jenny Brown's Grandma

Here I was late last night being snapped by Simon (please excuse dark bags under eyes, bra-less breasts and general unruliness) while I look through the button stash I had been given but was going to save until morning so I could take better pictures. I just couldn't wait;

Jenny is Nathaniel's friend Erin's Mum (and a good pal to me too) and I have made some items for Erin to wear and made her a patchwork elephant for her second birthday. Jenny's Grandma is highly impressed that there are still people who make things themselves and she helps out part time in a charity shop. So periodically I get sent (via Jen) some rather lovely little boxes of loot;

This box is lovely in it's own right but look what happened when I opened the lid (after re-filling it after my midnight madness);

Lots and lots of lovelies that have probably been cleared out of an old ladies home after she left it (lets not think why);

These are just some of the buttons, there are lots strung together that have obviously been removed from clothing before they were cut up and used for polishing rags.

These are little tiny flowers in all shapes and colours, beautifully textured (and in need of a good clean);

These are all plastic but have a real 30s or 40s feel to them, again with wonderful textured details;

These ones I think are older, they feel like bakelite to me but am in need of a sure test to find out. They are really yummy and probably my favourites;

The three at the bottom of this pic are mother of pearl and are about the size of a 10p piece, the darker ones are also made of shell and are quite thick and heavy;

There were more goodies in the bag but I'll save those for another day, don't want to tip anyone over the edge. There are so many stash mad button freaks out there, you know who you are!!

Daisie xxx


Jackie said...

You look as beautiful as ever. I just tidied my sewing room and was tempted to hurl my enormous button stash into the dustbin. I have far too much stuff. But I didn't.

Jude said...

Lovely picture of you.
Button look pretty too, lucky lucky you.

niftyknits said...

wonmderful - lucky you!

Tip Top said...


What bags under eyes??!!