Tuesday, 4 August 2009


Yesterday Simon went into work early, as they have moved site over the summer he had to go for his staff induction, yawn! He is officailly on holiday so he was quite pleased that he bumped into the boss so he could tell him he'd 'popped in' before taking his wife and children to the Museum of Science and Industry.

We had a lovely time as the sun was shining, Nathaniel loved the trains in a big way and exclaimed on many occasion that there were 'lotsa lotsa lotsa Thomas!';

He ran off to see the 'yellow thomas';

And it was only Elizabeth who noticed that the trains destination sign read 'I poo';

We also saw lots of lovely amazing new textiles and walked through the sewers, unfortunately, as always, there was not enough time to see everything so we will have to go back (again)!! We also had a nosey at the flight exhibition over the road, very good and worth another trip just to go in the simulator (although Nathaniel and I will not be allowed on it)!!

Then we tootled along the motorway to collect our friend from the airport.

Then as we were passing we dropped into Ikea for our tea, well it would be rude not to! I bought some fabric that I had been told by an Ikean (that is what you call the yellow shirted peole isn't it?) was no longer being made, tsk! So have bought a sizable chunk to put away for another day, I also bought some bright blue cotton for a birthday project and some deep grey heavy cotton with lighter grey daisies all over it. Not sure what for yet but I wouldn't be DaisieDavies if I didn't buy fabric with daisies on now would I??

Today has been a lazy day, I have been pampered by my friend Claire, her daughter and my girls have been off playing nicely together all day, her son and Nathaniel have been lovely to each other; Nathaniel and Li-Bau either love each other or hate each other (depending on how tired they are and how long they have been together). I have been comfy on her sofa with my knitting being brought liquid refreshments at regular intervals and had a lovely lunch made for me. It was just what I needed, thanks mate!!

I am very very tired. At 34 weeks my belly is heavy and long periods walking make my pelvis ache. This would be ok but three types of iron supplemnent seem to be making me feel no better in myself. I am tired, soooooo tired, and breathless and tearful. And frustrated with the whole situation. My blood work is due to be done again on friday and I am not hopeful that I will have managed to bring my iron levels from 5 back up to ten. I will have to double my iron intake (again) and keep everything crossed as they will do bloods again two weeks after that and if they are not over ten they will not deliver my home-birth pack. I know this is not the end of the world and as long as my little boy arrives and both he and I are safe and well it doesn't matter where he emerges into the world. But it does matter. It matters alot. Elizabeth was with Simon and I when Francesca arrived and both the girls were in and out and involved to varying degrees when Nathaniel was born and I wanted this to be the same. I want to have my own things and for my children to be able to see, touch, ask questions and be invloved (if that's what they want) I want to get clean in my own bath, drink tea from my own cup and climb into my own bed with all my children all together. The thought of not being able to give birth at home upsets me awfully.

Anyway, I am rambling now (and crying) so will be off, please keep your fingers crossed and send iron filled thoughts my way on friday....

Daisie xxx


Jackie said...

Oh you need some pampering you do.
Not CAMPING!!!! I repeat NO CAMPING>
Step AWAY from the tent.
If they don't deliver your home birth pack does that mean you can't have a home birth? I don't think so..I'm no expert but babies pop out when they're ready no matter where you are.

JuliaB said...

Hi Daisie. You poor thing. I hope the Iron testing (?) goes well for you and that your home birth pack gets delivered. x

willow81 said...

I can understand your feelings about the homebirth, I was also glugging down the iron supplements in order to get my levels up for a homebirth. Even if you don't get it up to ten you may be able to argue in your favour if you're up for a fight. There is a lot of useful information on www.homebirth.org.uk.
Rest up now xx

Kristen's Raw said...

Iron filled thoughts coming your way... HUGE iron filled thoughts. :)


Gina said...

Hi Daisie, I'm just catching up with blogs after my absence and I now understand your comment having seen your shadow picture! Hope everything goes well for you... lots of iron packed hugs coming your way.

twiggypeasticks said...

ooo what a great place, Twiglet would love it he too is a big train fan. Now look after yourself while I'm away and keep up with the iron tablets. Must admit after my totally shite experience of a hospital birth I would definitely want a home birth too!!!! hope it all works out for you. Do you have a birthing centre near you, not the same as home but better than the hossie.
twiggy x