Saturday, 23 May 2009

A Birthday Elephant

Today Nathaniel went to a birthday party, he got a proper invite and everything, it was his first. His lovely friend Erin turned two in the week and we had a little celebratory get together at her home this afternoon with cake and pass the parcel.

I made Erin a smocked dress a while ago as a thank you to her Mum for some kindly donated buttons, Jenny really liked the dress but also liked the fact that I had taken the time to make something myself.

When they came to play the other week Erin was very taken with the elephant I made so on discovering a beautiful cotton print with daisies which came in three colourways at my local fabric mill I thought I should make a 'patchwork' elephant;

I really love the tail on this one, it is very fine ribbon doubled up and very carefully plaited (took me ages).

And becasue I had this yummy fabric in three colourways I thought it would be good to use to try out my Kitschy Coo pattern that I won in a giveaway on Amamda's blog a while ago. When the pattern arrived in the post I really thought it would look good with three coordinating fabrics, one for each of the pieces (sleeve, bodice and neckband). Amanda's instructions were brilliant and I didn't struggle at all and knocked the whole thing out in less than an hour, which included a cup of tea to re-read the instructions once everything was cut out and ready to go. I will definately be making more when little girl's birthdays start cropping up over the summer;

The photo's not too great but the top went down a treat, smiles all round and even more so when Erin realised it matched her elephant!!

Daisie xxx


Thecraftytrundler said...

Love the little elephant,(that is a great idea for the tail!), and the cute little top!!Hope the children had a lovely time : )

Sharon xx

Jude said...

Yes, people really do appreciate gifts that you've taken time to make. Well done, it looks lovely!