Tuesday, 19 May 2009

A Shopping Trip

Simon needed a new suit. He always wears a shirt and tie but not always a suit, this is reserved for open events where he has to meet the public, when interviewing new members of staff and new students and getting married (please note he has only done this once). He has been wearing the suit he bought to be married in (about four years ago) but sadly had a mishap yesterday on the way home from work and the trousers had a big hole, not the look he was going for really. He needed a suit for tonight so time was of the essence.

We hot footed it across to the clearance mill nearby, bit posh really and not a place we would usually shop.

Simon has always had huge shoulders which has made buying jackets a nightmare and after an hour or so of this it all became too much for Nathaniel and he fell asleep in the trolley. Shame I couldn't fit in there too really;

Simon ended up with a beautiufl charcoal grey wool suit from Odermark, a German company. Three pairs of shoes, yes you did read that right, three pairs! Shoes are like buses with Simon you wait years for him to buy some new ones and then he goes mad and buys three!!!!!!!!! Two new ties and a beautiful blue tone Harris Tweed Jacket;

He does love a tweed jacket and I don't think he has ever owned a new one. They were greatly reduced and he spent ages deciding on which colour to buy. He really rather liked the green toned ones but we both agreed (eventually) that this was the best option and could be worn with most of the items in his 'work' wardrobe.

I thought he was going to kiss the guy at the tills when he asked if Simon would like the hanger to go with his jacket, we said YES!!

I think it's only right when spending so much money on a beautiful piece of tayloring that you should get the amazing hanger with it!!

I am secretly hoping that I make a shed load of money at the next couple of fairs and I can go and buy him the green one (even though it won't go with much), what are the odds?!

He looked lovely disappearing off this morning in his new shoes and tie and suit with his new hair cut, I marched him to the barbers, he had begun to look a little like a tramp in a suit as his regular lady is away on holiday :-(

He is a far cry from the motorcycling young guy in the leather jeans with big ex-army boots and leather choker and studded wrist bands that I fell in love with fifteen years ago. But at night when he comes home and takes off the suit, the tattoos are still there and the bike is safely in the garage and he will always be the bloke I fell in love with!

A dull post, sorry, but I have had a lovely time today with my two favourite men in the whole world and wanted to share.

Daisie xxx


oldbagcrafts said...

Sounds like a fabulous day. Boobie club sounds lovely x

jennyflower said...

Not dull at all, actually made me feel a bit wheepy, all that love stuff! xx

Jackie said...

Boundary Mill...I am wearing their shoes right now! And you know I am a big fan of Harris Tweed! I want one of those hangers for craft fairs.