Tuesday, 5 May 2009


I recieved some orders for shoulder bags at the school fair on friday.

This one I made last night and am rather in love with, it is an Ikea print in big, bright, funky, retro flowers and I have lined it with some sunshine yellow cotton;

The other two I made on Saturdy and one is another Ikea print (the same as my handbag) and one is a John Lewis print called 'sunflower';

They just need delivering now and then I need to crack on with the hat order I have to fill.

And make much more stuff for the fair I'm doing in Lancaster in early June. After the success of the school fair I am feeling rather optomistic and want to make lots of lovelies. Lets see how many I can get done in just four weeks, argh!!

Daisie xxx


Sweet Mess said...

This is my favorite yet! I love the shape!

Julie said...

Wow how busy are you!!!!! Absolutely love all of those bags, especially the one with gree flower pattern, gorgeous..... X

Tip Top said...

Now I do like the top one!! Where is the fair in Lancaster? I may pop up and see you!!

Bagladee said...

~I love those bags Alex, they look fab!! xx

Agnes Nz said...

Amazing bags! I loved them!