Saturday, 9 May 2009

Ellie And Friends

Thanks to the very kind donation of a book from my friend Jenny* I have made this rather cute little elephant, Ellie (well, what else could you call an elephant?);

I have been meaning to make one for ages and have a few odd bits of fabric left overs saved with making some for presents in mind. I managed to make one today as I promised a copy of the pattern to Vonnie as she was going to spend stupid money on a pattern for an elephant. Anyhoo, while Simon was doing a copy for her I made him do one for me too (along with an owl, a mouse and a dinosaur). The pattern in the book was small and you would have to copy the pattern onto larger squared paper and to be honest life is just too short!

I am very pleased with her and Francesca is in love;

I expect there to be many more elephants around here soon, if I can get the feet right (not entirely happy with these ones) I may make some for the carft fair too.

And here are my beautiful girls modelling a hat order that I finished this afternoon ready for delivery on monday;

I love these hats. They are great to make (even if I swear at the brim, everytime) and look wonderful ironed or scruched up and in any fabric. I keep meaning to make all my scraps into a huge piece of patchwork to make some hats out of, they would be very cute indeed.

Daisie xxx

* Jenny, sorry there has not been a return delivery for the books yet but am still awaiting some measurements!


Mandy said...

Love Ellie and love the hats too. You are very talented x

jennyflower said...

That elephant is toooo cute- send the book back right now!! I am still unsure wether I can let you make such a cool dress for a few stamps....will measure her up tonight but if you don't get 'round to it- now worries!

Jude said...

Congratulations on the new bedroom. I love the shades, we have the cushions and always wish I'd bought them too...
Happy stacking.