Tuesday, 26 May 2009

A Sunny Picnic

We have spent alot of the sunny weekend at home while we have been rearranging and decorating so that the girls will no longer have to share a bedroom with each other (hopefully there will be a pink princess room and a Dr.Who room soon). The children have played and picnicked in the garden (and fought on occassion) inbetween popping in to try on clothes I have found in boxes, some things that used to belong to Elizabeth for Fracesca and some hand-me-down parcels for Elizabeth. Having two big sisters means that Nathaniel has very few hand-me-downs from our family, but does well from friends. He did, however, get some spaceman, some dr.who, and some plane PJs that used to belong to Elizabeth. His favourite find so far has been the blue Miffy socks he found that I took off at bedtime and he insisted on putting back on!!

Today while some paint was drying we decided we should venture further than the back door for today's picnic so we gathered ourselves and headed out to Wycoller Country Park;

The sun was deceptive and the wind was quite chilly so we only sat for a little while to refuel;

Francesca was very pleased when she won control of the crisps;

And we were all very excited when this Mummy duck and her babies strolled past to say hello;

Nathaniel was especially taken with the 'ellow kwak kwak!

We walked through the willow sculptures and through a long tunnel;

We walked, carefully, over several very old stone bridges;

We stopped in the shelter of a cafe courtyard and Elizabeth asked me what this was, help please;

Tall pink flower didn't seem to be a good answer, I will hunt it out for her if no one can help.

We ate ice cream;

Then came home for more painting and sorting.

Eureka! tomorrow, very excited :-)

Daisie xxx


MollyandIzzie said...

EUREKA!!!!!! I love that place but you cant go if you dont have little ppl =(
x x x x

bekimarie said...

Looks like you've had a great day!
EUREKA looks like fun, have a great time.
Beki xxx

Mandy said...

Oh what wonderful photos.
The plants are called Lupins. I love them they are so pretty x

Greentwinsmummy said...

What a lovely day I love the stone bridge,the plants are lupins,one of my favourite plants,I have some splendid ones here,a joy everytime I look at them :o)Getting control of the crisps made me giggle,I can remember that from my childhood picnicing!

Jude said...

Yes,lupins...looks like a good day was had by all. Ice cream, yum yum!!and a flake, !!

jennyflower said...

Cool, chicks, a picnic, and ice cream! M favourite Lupins are the stripey ones, Mum loves them, Dad for some reason loathes them so they were always pointed out to us as children!! xx

Tip Top said...

Lupins!! And they are really easy to grow and look fantastic! If I grow some next year, you can have some of the little plants! Can't guarantee colour, but they are fab!

sue said...

Gorgeous photo's :)
Thanks for the idea, we're of to Wycoller next weekend, it looks lovely.
sue xx

Jackie said...

I went there last year and loved it.(There was a cat drinking out of the milk jug on the table outside the cafe!)

Charlotte said...

I hope you didn't fall in any nettles trying to save a small girl this time =) xxx