Monday, 18 May 2009

Sex And The Pinny

Today I have been making pinnies and talking about sex!

Pinnies first. Whilst shopping this morning some pastel tea towels just jumped into my arms (I have been admiring them for an age and resisting but today they were marked down in price). I chopped and pinned and sewed and ended up with two little girls pinnies and four yummy mummy pinnies. No pictures of the bigger ones but this one Francesca really likes;

They look really rather good and I have said that if it comes home from the next fair unsold then she can have it!

Talking about sex. At the children's centre where we do boobie club and baby yoga and other exciting things a course started this week called speakeasy. It is aimed at enabling parents and carers of young children to discuss sex in a suitable way. I am not shy but don't always know when to stop when answering questions from the girls. I want to answer them well but feel sometimes we can give our children more information than is necessary. Some parents just don't give enough information or tell lies (really gets my back up but it'll keep for another time).

Today was brilliant, everyone giggled, not just me, it was very interesting to see who knew what and just what people didn't know, it seems I may not have led such a sheltered life after all! We get lots of free books to help us complete our porfolio of work and information and at the end of it we get a qualification worth three credits from the Open College (about a GCSE's worth) that is recognised by the Family Planning Association. Rather pleased with that, another feather in my bow for when all my babies are at school and I can go and hunt for gainful employment again!

The ice breaker was brilliant and had everyone near to tears with mirth and I urge you all to try it (and maybe share in the comments?). Write down "I HATE" and follow it with a household chore then write "BECAUSE" and say why you hate that particular chore. Now score out the chore and replace with the word "SEX". Mine said "I HATE SEX BECAUSE THERE ARE ALWAYS ODD ONES LEFT OVER" one woman hated sex becasue of the dust, one becasue she was bad at it, one because it was boring and one becasue of all the smears!

Can you guess what my chore was?!

Daisie xxx


Mandy said...

I would guess at washing socks...
What a great ice breaker. Sound like the course was good. What an excellent idea.

oldbagcrafts said...

(chuckling) What's boobie club?